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Quest for Mihte Lugh

This amazing book to Screenplay is about one of the most remarkable and interesting Superheros in human history, Lugh the Fairy King. Born in the origins of Celtic folk law it is not what one may suppose from the Victorian Romantics. Lugh is the original Arthur, who rides a white horse called Embarr, carries a spear called Assal, yields the sword Excalibur. By marrying the land he possesses the Cornucopia and the Stone of Destiny.

According to the Druids, he is the warrior who preserves life, the Light of the World, and becomes Lord of the Heavens.

If anyone likes Celtic/Germanic myths this is the untold story of Wodan, Thor, Apollo and Zeus who are pitted against the shadowy Titan Balor. Sequels are coming

WILDsound - Best Scene 2016
Filmatic Festival Award - Finalist 2016

  • Ray Whittinger
    The Shinning One, Who is Henrietta?
  • Gary Andrews
  • L R Whittinger
    The Shinning One, Who is Henrietta?
  • Phil Morris
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    fantasy, adventure
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    United Kingdom
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  • WILDsound Festival - Quest for Mihte Lugh
    Toronto, Canada
    April 20, 2016
    Best Scene
  • Filmatic Screenplay Awards - Quest for Mihte Lugh
    International On-line
    August 20, 2016
  • New Renaissance Film Festival
    May 7, 2016
    Quarter Finalist
  • Next Page - Screenplay Contest
    Los Angeles, California
    December 18, 2016
    Best Screenplay (Kids)
  • Cinema Los Angeles
    Los Angeles
    November 16, 2019
Writer Biography - Ray Whittinger

Originally he was a part-time press officer writing newspaper copy. After writing, directing and performing three short plays on BBC Local Radio in the late 1990's he turned to writing mainly children's books. Several of these were published just before a collapse in the publishing industry.
Then he set up a production company in 2009 to convert two of his books into Children's TV pilots and another into a screenplay. Unable to get favourable offers due to market conditions, he now promotes his unique literary IP into fantasy films for family audiences. They are so original that nothing compares with them.

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Writing is 99% effort few are chosen and can persevere. My motto is improve, improve, improve.