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An independent feature, Mask of Sanity is an R-rated psychological thriller, with a strong, scientific focus on the characters and their psychological state. Characters are depicted
through forensic doctors, who tamper with human life, while accentuating the indifference of the bystanders that had the
power to save lives, but chose not to. The story centers around Seif, through his life, up until he turns 40,
a forensic pathologist at a Hospital for the criminally insane, born out of wedlock to a Histrionic mother, who he thought
was his sister.
Seif is forced out of his family house, to move in with his mother and her new husband, Dr. Sherif, who runs the Forensic
Hospital where Seif later works.
With a serious rivalry between Seif and his step-brother, Youssef, who lost his mother in a car accident, while his father
was driving, they both have a strange and fatal relationship.
Later, Seif dates Nadine, a Borderline Forensic Psychologist, who wants to change the world, but can barely control her
own emotions.
A sick love triangle renders Nadine to a pawn in the game between Youssef and Seif that ends in the death of many.
"Mask of Sanity" addresses the diminishing conscience in our societies,especially the effect on that on a third world
country as Egypt. It focuses on the four Cluster B Personality Disorders, exploring their relationships, and how they affect
everything else around them. These personalities exist around the world in critical numbers, though underestimated, they
are the cause of most disasters humanity faces today. When such disorders are met with oppression, poverty and
ignorance, the result is horrifying.
A criminal with no conscience can easily justify their actions, when compared to the more powerful psychopaths in our
governments, Health care system, Educational system and most of all, the religious cancer that plagues our souls with
fear, violence and dangerous conformity.
The film is an R-rated, psychological, character-driven film, which follows the journey of a med-school dropout, forensic
psychologist, NADINE SOLIMAN, who also suffers from borderline personality disorder, and struggles with her addiction
to pain. Her lover, SEIF SELIM, a psychopathic forensic pathologist, threatens every attempt for her to grow emotionally,
while revealing the collateral damage of his ever more audacious crimes.
Struggling with failing ideologies, religions, the legal system and anything the world deemed valuable, Nadine and Seif
have legitimate convictions as to why those ideologies must be abandoned, despite their opposing views of how to do so.

  • Juditta Salem
  • Juditta Salem
    The Pathology of Innocence: An Involution
  • Flying Masks Productions
  • Mohamed Gaafar
    Key Cast
    Hard to Find, Persona
  • Khalid Khalil
    Key Cast
  • Doaa Erieqat
    Key Cast
    Going out by Day
  • Mohamed Khattab
    Key Cast
  • Noora Assem
    Key Cast
  • Asser El Badrawy
    Key Cast
  • Hani Talaat
  • Hassan El Hanafy
    Sound Engineer
  • Ragaa Ghazi
    Make up
  • Mona El Beheiry
  • Juditta Salem
    Film Score
  • Wael Eskander
    Film Score
  • Project Type:
    Short, Other
  • Genres:
    Psych Drama, Thriller, Crime, Personality Disorder
  • Runtime:
    7 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 30, 2015
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Juditta Salem

A UCLA Film School graduate, Ms. Salem double majored in
Acting and Screenwriting, then moved to NYC to work with Mr.
Martin Bregman and his wife, Cornelia. She founded FMA, and is
producing her first feature film, Mask of Sanity, which she directed a trailer for. She was published in NYC, as she
wrote about international fine artists and was published
three times in Digital Americana Magazine (DAM). She has
revolutionized acting methods, and invented a psychological
experiment, about which she's producing a documentary with
international therapists and shamans. She just returned from
an Ayahuasca retreat, which gained her a profound access into the
psyche, and in turn would add more depth to her unique method
for acting and writing. Ms. Salem is currently working on her first book, entitled, "The pathology of Innocence: An involution".

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