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Genre: Horror/Drama
Rating: R
References: Once upon a time in Hollywood, Suspiria, Midsommar
Style: 35MM Film

Presented in 35mm film, 35MM is a modern original Italian Giallo Horror film that tells the twisted story of rising Italian star; Sofia Sorrentino and begs the question; What does it mean to be a Muse?

Born in Italy and married to famed Italian Giallo Writer and Director; Emmanuelle Sorrentino, Sofia possess a soul that was destined to be seen on the silver screen; knowledge possessed by her Husband when she’s casted in his next and highest grossing film to date; The Butterflies in Griffith Park, set to star Sofia as the lead. But after her Husband’s unexpected suicide, Sofia’s dream role hangs in the balance with her dear Manager; Frank and a sudden compulsion to direct the film, herself.

What follows is a series of traumatic events that creep around the production of her Directorial debut, haunted by a dark presence manifested by the passing of Film’s original Director. A Film that would forever tether Sofia’s soul to a starving and deceiving Deity that has resided in Los Angeles for generations.

Against her own talent and good intentions, the ungodly presence that haunts the production of the Film claws at the walls of Sofia’s sanity in a fever dream of madness that bleeds into her role, when reality and fiction start to blend in a nightmare of suspense and cosmic horror. 35MM is an epic tragedy of terror and trauma, an intense tribute to the Giallo genre that rises to cosmic proportions in its horrifying climax.

  • Ezra Pryce
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    Horror, Drama, cosmic horror, italian giallo
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    English, Italian
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Writer - Ezra Pryce