Chocolate is Not Better than Sex

Hot fun-loving single mom, Monica Robinson, dares to plunge back into the dating game, she turns to her friends, Ally, the pickup artist, Dori, the insecure, overzealous professional match-maker, Jeanie, the petite Puerto Rican 5th wheel with a penchant for bad boys, Hedda, the alcohol-cure-all-weilding lush, and her own pushy, overbearing mother Tabitha, a former beauty queen, Mrs. America, and Texan socialite for advice.

Sexually frustrated, Monica avoids kissing more toads and devours more chocolate as she ventures through the perils of horrible blind dates and a whirlwind office romance with 19 year-old, Daniel, the office intern. She and her playful BFFs divulge their innermost and hilarious secrets while high on chocolate cake and find out the perfect orgasm may not mean they found the perfect man.

  • Aleisha Gore
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    Romance, Comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Aleisha Gore

Aleisha was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, but grew up in Los Angeles with her five brothers and one sister. At the age of seven, she began her journey as a writer. What began as a class assignment in journaling, became a passion that led her to keep a diary most of her life, write two children's books while she was still a child herself and endeavor to create stories that would pull on heart strings and give hope, pleasure and even provoke deep thought in her readers.

She has written hundreds of short stories, poems, blogs, speeches and lyrics, many of which can be seen on her writing website or even read aloud by her on her YouTube channel. She has two self-published books on Amazon and is working on a third.

Aleisha wrote, produced and directed several music videos in rock, heavy metal and acoustic, as well as 47 episodes of a sketch comedy show and multiple short films.

Her 5 movie scripts fall into many genres: The Raven is a thriller, The One That Got Away is a romantic comedy and road trip movie, Chocolate is Not Better than Sex is a rom-com, Isabella's Letters (based on the book) is a period piece, adventure and love story, replete with sword fighting, voyages on the high seas and even witchcraft, Marney & Me, as in the book is a coming of age story.

Ever since she was young, she loved story writing and her many short stories online and (some hidden away in drawers), 17 short film scripts and 47 webisodes of a sketch comedy show her enthusiasm for the medium.

As a teen, she won awards for article and essay writing, as well as speeches, acting and directing people in short scenes. But her jump into film didn’t happen right away. At twenty, she became a wife and a mother. She had a premature baby and took care of her until she was eight months old, then went to work.

Aleisha discovered a little theatre in San Diego and joined the troupe as not only an actress, but a writer, director and producer and started producing one-act plays. While attending a film festival in San Diego, she was inspired greatly and realized that her love of writing went hand-in-hand with her calling of becoming a filmmaker. She set out to learn everything she could about making films, go to film school and make movies.

Aleisha volunteers for a wonderful organization supporting at-risk girls, and helping them develop their writing skills as well as ensuring their success in graduation and attending college. In the past she has volunteered for the Girl Scouts and for Help for Orphans, International, creating two PSAs and a short documentary to help orphans.

Aleisha loves to travel, has been all over Europe and to India, and is enamored by other cultures and languages. She speaks fluent German, some Spanish and French but is excited to learn more. She also would love to make a Bollywood movie one day and is very excited about returning to Mumbai to do it.

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Writer Statement

What I want most in the whole wide world is to produce films that make people happy and that give joy. I love to make people laugh. This is my purpose for Chocolate is Not Better than Sex, to make a classic that lives on, sets people in upheaval with uproarious laughter and makes them happy.