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27000@25: When We Were Boys Rock The Ribbon streaming cut

27000@25: When We Were Boys (runtime 9m48s) SYNOPSIS: Hitting a beautiful synchronicity with new material from the multi-million selling Erasure and Jimmy Somerville's time stopping single release of Everything Must Change for END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS , the film rolls back 25 years to Pride on Clapham Common 1996, the UK’s penultimate huge park festival Pride. Jimmy Somerville and Holly Johnson sang the score in 1996 with 160,000 watching. The story follows the HIV positive diagnosis of a very young gay man in 1990s London, based on an a true story. The original was shown from Pride's main stage, before CRUSAID’s Release For Life of 27,000 red balloons for every person in the UK with HIV.

The modestly shot, micro-budget source has not been seen since 1996, and never in this totally new form, a unique cooperation between musicians with truly global reach and rare archive of a shied-away from corner in LGBTQIA+ history. A different time, with a very different sense of gender and ethnicity diversity visibility in the community. Streamed in 7 languages worldwide on Erasure's official media platforms around World AIDS Day 2021.

Erasure's Andy Bell says of 27000: "Apart from being very close to my heart, it is also of historical importance / significance from a world wide human rights perspective."

With It's A Sin's Nathaniel Hall.

Equally poignant is the untimely passing of its young star, unable to see this 25th anniversary venture with Erasure and Jimmy Somerville.

The US originator of "U=U" Bruce Richman says, ""I LOVE the video and was so deeply moved. Amazing that it promotes U=U so clearly."

Streamed exclusively on Erasure official, fully subtitled with: English Closed Caption, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian and (Traditional) Chinese. From 29 Nov to 12 Dec 2021.

UPDATE: As World AIDS Day moved into US timezones, an intriguing, unexpected controversy emerged around thie video. Without warning YouTube placed an under 18 content restriction on it, blocking access by a very target group the messaging hoped to reach, young people - as much at risk from HIV as over 18s, as the real-life content of the video indisputably tells. YouTube was eventually forced come forward and publicly apologise, after vocal, rising indignation from the world-wide LGBT press, social media and community called out its censorship. The attempted ban was swiftly reversed and the video was able to continue taking its unique message on youth and HIV around the world in 7 languages, including to young people under 18.

  • Rob Falconer
    Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex '97, Freedom: 50 Years Of Pride (excerpts, Channel 4 TV, 2022), 27000 (original live festival version), Being At Home With Claude (Canadian LGBTQI+ radio drama), #ReclaimPride (UK 2021) Pride@50 Untitled (in production)
  • Rob Falconer
    Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex (Playing Safe in first US release), 27000 (original live festival version), Gilded Vectors Of Disease (co-writer)
  • Rob Falconer
    Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex, Freedom: 50 Years Of Pride (excerpts, Channel 4 TV, 2022), Speaking In Riddles, ReclaimPride, The Gilded Vectors Of Disease, The Tailor-Made Man (LGBTQI+ radio drama starring Judd Hirsch) Pride@50 Untitled (in production)
  • Lee Beedell
    Key Cast
    Debut performance
  • Erasure Andy Bell
    Key Cast
    "Music score"
    Worldwide multi-million selling synth-pop combo
  • Erasure Vince Clarke
    Key Cast
    "Music score"
    Worldwide multi-million selling synth-pop combo Erasure, Yazoo (initially renamed Yaz in North America) Depeche Mode
  • Jimmy Somerville
    Key Cast
    "Music score and himself"
    International solo artist, Bronski Beat, The Communards. Screen: Sally Potter's Orlando, Lexx
  • Jono Wolf
    Key Cast
    "Boy's friend"
    Debut performance
  • Framboise Gommendy
    Key Cast
    Luc Besson's Joan of Arc, Spy, Eldorado, L'héritière, Les Mystères de Paris
  • Nathaniel Hall
    Key Cast
    "As himself"
    Channel 4 TV/HBO's It's A Sin, award-winning solo show First Time
  • Mark Allington
    Key Cast
    Vanity Fair, Doctor Who, Alice In Wonderland
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Completion Date:
    October 31, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Pride London (original version)
    Clapham Common London
    United Kingdom
    original public first screening to 160,000
  • National Film Theatre (excerpts)
    United Kingdom
  • Streamed worldwide in 7 languages December 2021 for World AIDS Day 2021
    exclusively from Erasure official
    United Kingdom
    November 29, 2021
    1st public screening 2021 version
  • (tbc) Virtual player player online distribution worldwide subtitled with 7 languages for World AIDS Day 2021 Rock The Ribbon
    worldwide free access online availability
Director Biography - Rob Falconer

Starting 25 years back, LGBTQIA+ work includes producer Speaking In Riddles (LLGFF National Film Theatre London, Frameline San Francisco, Turin, Netherlands art house tour, UK retail release), director/producer 27000 with CRUSAID (to 160,000 on Clapham Common for Pride), director/producer Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex ‘97, (LLGFF National Film Theatre London, Europe, USA and Australia theatrical, UK/USA commercial release, Virgin retail No.1). On returning to filmmaking in the 2020s, director/producer #ReclaimPride, director/producer 27000@25: When We Were Boys with Jimmy Somerville and Erasure through the World AIDS 2021 Day Rock The Ribbon period, in 7 languages exclusively across Erasure's official online channels and work broadcast in the Stephen Daldry/Joe Robertson produced Freedom: 50 Years of Pride. New 2022 Pride 50 documentary Legendary Children [All of them Queer] due for release by Peccadillo Pictures Nov 2023. International screenings already include debut in India at the KASHISH 2023 International Film Festival and North American premiere in Palm Springs at Cinema Diverse (Sept 2023).

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