25SCOPE is an independent SVOD platform established by a team of film distributors and festival directors. Its focus is on importing foreign films into the French and European film industry.

It has come to our attention that there is a shortage of foreign short films being showcased in French film festivals. Typically, the majority of emerging talents are French citizens. We aim to address this issue by providing a festival & platform for foreign filmmakers to present their work. Our objective is to introduce new and bold films, showcasing subversive and emerging talents. We aspire to build a new ecosystem and industry in the process.

25SCOPE main goal is to showcase emerging talents from foreign countries and offer them a visibility in France and Europe. The festival provides a free space for students and promising talents to exhibit their creations and import these films to the French market.

The primary objective of 25SCOPE is to seek out emerging talent and offer support in promoting their films in Europe and by granting a public screening in Paris and a one-year free & non-exclusive contract to show their films on the 25SCOPE SVOD platform. In addition to being available on the online platform, the selected films will also be showcased at free public screenings held twice a year in a Parisian theater.

Through its partnerships with French movie productions and journalists, 25SCOPE has a significant opportunity to showcase your films to a broad audience of professional film producers and distributors.


The Festival was created as an environment for the streaming platforms, producers, creators, distributors, sales and the technology providers behind VOD to meet, plan, celebrate and network. The Festival includes industry keynote presentations and panel discussions on the successes, opportunities and future of streaming and on-demand content and distribution.

The primary objective of the platform is not to be competitive, which means that movies will not receive awards. Nonetheless, a few chosen films will get the opportunity to be shown as part of our "twice a year" Parisian movie theater screenings.

As a non-profit organization, 25SCOPE offers free public and physical screenings, as well as online streaming of films on their website for at least one year after submission. By submitting a film, the right holder agrees to allow 25SCOPE to stream the film for free, and a contract between the platform and the right holder must be signed prior to streaming.

To access the website and view the films, users are required to register and create an account. Furthermore, you acknowledge that your film is free of any copyright violations and all necessary permissions for music usage have been obtained.

French films are accepted.
Film duration must not exceed 02h45.
We accept every genre
Young talents a new directors are welcome!