The poster is based upon the ending of virtual communication, and getting back to traditional roots of entertainment. The static, noise effect that can be seen in the poster resembles the ending of virtuality.

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Artist Biography

Hello, my name is Kęstutis Michailovas aka Kane. I was born in Lithuania, Kaunas city. I studied in art Academy in my home town Kaunas, and graduated bachelor's degree in sculpture. I dont have a precise stile that i could describe my work, so i guess i just create what i observe in life, and what is important to me. And because of that, i work, and try myself in various art fields like sculpture, glass art, ceramiks, epoxy resin art and casting. I often make my art functional. I like to use water, smoke, and lights as additional elements, but maintain traditional artistic canons.the relationship with an object and spectator spectator is also very important to me. I usually like when the viewer sees and makes his own personal connection with the art piece. Then it becomes more personal with them, and they can create their own story about it. I also had the privilege to work at National Kaunas drama theatre as prop maker and decorator. I gained a lot of experience there by working with acknowledged directors and scenographers, local and worldwide. Now i am participating in various exhibitions, art fairs, and international competitions.

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