The 2018 North American Students 3-Minute Film Competition, Awards & Festival seeks to encourage and recognize the creative talents of young people.
This is a fabulous opportunity for them to present the fruits of their film-making creativity, even if it is with limited resources such as just a phone and some editing software -- inconceivable only a few years ago!
Schools may participate and hold competitions for their students and submit their finalists to the Competition. (Note: Students retain the right to submit their work as individuals whether or not they are finalists in their school's film competition.)
During the Festival period, finalists' films may be screened at various locations climaxing with the Gala Festival & Awards Evening at the historic Marjorie Luke Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA.
We look forward to viewing your project.

Laurels and certificates will be awarded to all Finalists who will be invited to the Gala Festival & Awards Evening. We hope to be able to present additional benefits if appropriate.

In simple terms, if you have a valid Student ID then you are eligible to submit an application for your film/video project. The project must be your original work. Any adult involvement must be limited to an advisory capacity only.
If it is based on or includes, in whole or in part, any fictional or non-fictional material, published or unpublished, produced or not yet produced, that is not owned by you, then you must provide documentation proving that you have licensed the rights to use the material.
When you submit your entry you will be giving us full permission to download a digital copy of your project to screen during the Festival via projector and online.
You must own exclusive rights to your project. The rights to your project may not have been previously optioned or sold.

A project must have a runtime of less than 4 minutes which includes everything ... intro, music, credits, etc. There will be no exceptions.

Your film/video must have been completed on or after January 1, 2016.

Acceptable -- Action, Animation, Art & Design, Comedy, Dance, Documentary, Experimental, Fashion, History, Horror, Magic/Illusion, Music, Narrative, Nature, Poetry, Science Fiction, Sport, Story Telling, Travel, Triumph, War, Western.
Gratuitous Violence & Abuse, Advertising, Offensive Language, Ideological Messages (e.g. Political, Religious), Pornography.

If your project includes dialogue in a foreign language or a hard-to-understand dialect, then your project must display English subtitles.

If music is included in your film, you must provide appropriate documentation to prove that you have permission to use it. Original music scores are encouraged.

You may submit your project in one of two ways.
1. Submitted by yourself as an individual.
2. As a finalist in a Film/video Competition and Festival held by your school. Note: This can generate a high level of interest and enthusiasm in your community and can also serve as an excellent fundraising event for your school. We offer "How To" resource materials to make this easy to accomplish. For more information see "How to Proceed - Schools".
Applications and submissions will be processed exclusively on

All projects must be in digital format.
- Before submission please verify that your video format is acceptable.
- Submissions will ONLY be accepted by upload to the designated website.
- The preferred format is MP4. Other possible formats are ... AVI, ASF, MOV, QT, AVCHD, FLV, MP4, MPG, WMV, H.264, DIVX