The ConCarolinas Short Film Festival is dedicated to the art of the short Science Fiction film and the expression of independent filmmakers. In its 8th year, the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival has created a setting for local and international filmmakers to showcase artistic visions surrounding Science Fiction, Fandom, Fantasy and Adventure.

The ConCarolinas Short Film Festival recognizes filmmakers across the globe. However, our emphasis is on Southern filmmakers.

Grand Prize Winners:

Best Fiction*
Best Adaption*
Best Short* (5 minutes or less including open and closing credits)

Other as decided by judging panel:

Best Script*
Best Leading Man*
Best Leading Woman*
Best Horror*
Best Suspense*
Best Science Fiction*
Best Animation*
Best International
Best North American

* - must be submitted by a Southern Filmmaker

Entry Rules and Submission Guidelines

• All films must be Science Fiction, Horror or Fantasy Genre related.

• All films must be less than 30 minutes in length including opening and credits.

• All entries must be accompanied by a brief synopsis and/or artist statement.

• All footage submitted to the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival may be used by ConCarolinas for reasons including but not limited to promotion, advertising, etc.

Overall Rating
  • Dave Harlequin

    An excellent film festival ran by some outstanding people. The festival organizers do a great job of promoting all of the screenings, making the attending filmmakers feel welcome and included, and keeping a clear line of communication open to all involved. Furthermore, despite it being part of a convention, the attendance was very good, which speaks a lot to the effort put into it. Highly recommended.

    June 2018
  • A great festival organized by fellow filmmakers who genuinely care about sharing and celebrating quality indie films! Good communication from them, and I appreciate the effort and promotion they put into making the festival a success.

    June 2018
  • Jaysen Buterin

    While often times film festivals at multi-fandom conventions tend not to be the biggest of draws, one of the most amazing things about the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival is how well they not only promote the films and the filmmakers selected to screen, but how well they kept the film room full of people for the entirety of the screenings. The communication from the festival runners is always complete and consistent and they really do go out of their way to make the filmmakers feel welcome. I highly recommend submitting to this one!

    June 2018
  • England Simpson

    This festival is nothing short of amazing! The staff is wonderfully accommodating and the film selections are simply perfect.

    June 2018
  • Tom Gore

    Great venue and excellent time. Staff was knowledgeable and showings were well attended.

    June 2017