China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) will host the 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works to go with the World Public Scientific Literacy Conference, in hope to encourage the international creation of popular science works and push forward the international exchanges and cooperation in the creation and development. Focusing on 100 selected topics, the Contest is planned to conduct the global collection of popular science works in such three categories as terms of popular science exhibits, popular science articles, and popular science micro-videos. Any team or individual may participate with no limitations in nationality or age. Winning entries will be displayed in the "Exhibition for Prize-winning Works of 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works" to be held in Beijing in September 2018.

For the shortlisted works, the sponsor will divide them into three levels of each category according to their quality level confirmed by experts. Besides, the sponsor will provide the authors or developers of the works with a certain amount of expenditure (in RMB). The number of shortlisted works can be properly adjusted according to the quality level of such works.

(1) Exhibits for science popularization:

Level 1: 5 pieces, RMB 80 thousand yuan for each piece

Level 2: 15 pieces, RMB 50 thousand yuan for each piece

Level 3: 30 pieces, RMB 30 thousand yuan for each piece

(2) Photos and articles for science popularization:

Level 1:5 articles, RMB 6 thousand yuan for each article

Level 2:15 articles, RMB 3 thousand yuan for each article

Level 3:30 articles, RMB 2 thousand yuan for each article

(3) Micro-video for science popularization:

Level 1:5 pieces, RMB 10 thousand yuan for each piece

Level 2:15 pieces, RMB 5 thousand yuan for each piece

Level 3:30 pieces, RMB 3 thousand yuan for each piece

The above-mentioned amounts are pre-tax amount and all beneficiaries are required to provide the sponsor with invoices (they can be issued by tax authorities).

Popular Science Micro-Videos

Step 1: to choose one of the Contest Selected Topics. Please visit the official website of "2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works" ( for informations about Contest Selected Topics.
Step 2: to make the creation of works (no more than 300 seconds and 200 MB) and submit.
Step 3: to expect our email notification.

It is planned to select and evaluate according to the micro-videos submitted, and the criteria are as follows:
(1) Innovativeness: centering on the selected topics of works, novel in overall concept, and original in writing techniques and forms of expression;

(2) Popularity: attention has been paid to the combination of problems at hand with scientific principles or concepts. The profound contents are explained in simple terms and easy to understand;

(3) Vividness: fluent in contents, and lively and interesting in expression with distinctive and contagious features;

(4) Logicality: distinct in idea and clear in thinking.

Ш. Other Instructions

1. The works to be submitted must be original with both newly-created or existing works of the contestants accepted.

2. If the contestants fail to submit the official works for participation in the exhibition after winning the prize, the organizer shall reserve the right to cancel the prize-winning qualifications.

3. The authorship right of the participating works belongs to the contestant, while the rights of exhibition, reproduction, translation, showing and broadcasting shall be owned by the organizer.

4. The prizes of the winning works will be announced afterward.

5. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the Contest.

The exact date of notification is to be determinded. Relevant explainations for more information about the CICPSW, please visit our official website.

Overall Rating
  • Fantastic Festival. Great communication. Definitely recommend!

    December 2018
  • Thank you very much for the selection of my film! I am glad that it finds appreciation.
    Looking forward to submit again with new films. Keep up the good work!

    November 2018
  • Marcelle Abela

    Being a double award-winner with two films made me thrilled. However, there were some issues with this contest. Despite signing all the required paperwork on time, the festival organizers paid the award monies four months after the ceremony. They sent the award certificates only after FilmFreeway intervened, otherwise these would have remained on the organizer's desk. Communication was spotty at best. The quality of the films in this contest is excellent, however organization needs a serious overhaul.

    November 2018
  • Great organization! Fantastic hospitality and very friendly environment. Overall, one of my best life experiences.

    September 2018
  • Mohammad ferajzadeh

    Thanks for a great film festival

    September 2018