2nd Nepal Cultural International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Nepal and also the only international film festival for women’s, children’s, youths and adults. It is held countrywide, which showcases full-length features, shorts, experimental films including fiction animations and documentaries, from around the world.
Our aim is to encourage young talent in film making and to promote children's and teens' films that are meaningful, inspirational in the real world.
Apart from this, the festival has some of the most famous, award-winning filmmakers from around the world screening their films at the festival. These movies are the benchmark for what a good film should be – entertaining, clean, hugely inspiring and packed with moral values!
This festival will also help Nepal garner some global exposure which it lacks. The festival will also showcase lots Nepalese films and foreign films made in Nepal, and will help promote Nepal as a filming destination.
Starting from November 2019, NCFC aims to repeat itself every year in the same manner, and establish a national as well as global presence. NCFC consistency will be vital in establishing a film culture in the country, which is foremost goal.

NCFC has prosed the film which are short listed will be given prizes and awards along with cash prize and certificate too. The categories are:
Best International Full Length Film- $500
Best International Documentary Film- $300
Best short Film- $250
Best Children Film- $250
Best Women Film- $250
Best animated Film - $250

The films produced during 2015 and 2018 will be eligible to participate in this section. The films need to be based on at least one aspect of society and culture. They could be among above categories. The films need to fulfill all the criteria set by the organizing committee.

Rules and regulations:

-Provide films and a brief introduction to the film along with a signed cover letter.
-Films in languages other than Nepali must have subtitles in English.
-Two copies of the films must be In Mini DV or DVD in PAL format except for online submission.
-The submitted copies will not be returned and will be archived in the Film Center.
-If selected the film Center may ask theatrical format based on the film festival venues.
-The film center will not cover expenses to and from the festival for the DVD’s as well any other expenses incurred.
-The Film Festival will not return entries or refund entry fees.
-The Fees are waived submissions from Nepal due to inconvenience of online payment

Selection of Film
-The selection committee formed by the Film Center will select the films.
-Film selection decisions made by the selection committee will be final.
-Cinematic value, creativity as well as social complexity will be given a high consideration.
-Selected films will be asked for the publicity material for the festival.
-The Film Center will not disclose the reason for the film not being selected.
-Films submitted later than deadline will not be accepted. Any submission received after the submission deadline will not be reviewed for 2019, but will be forwarded to the selection pool for 2020.

Jury and awards:
A jury committee of national and international film experts will be formed. The jury committee will select the films for a selection of awards. All films will be recognized by the film festival.

Types of films: Of full length, Fiction films, Short films, Documentaries film, Children and Women Films . According to the length is considered:
Full length: more than 65 minutes
Fiction Film: More than 30 minutes
Short Film: from 4 to 35 minutes.
Documentaries Film: from 25 to 45 minutes
Children Film: from 30 to 50 minutes
Women Film: more than 40 minutes