195 Countries Film Festival is festival where we are targeting to reach among 195 countries that means all over the world. So that our Filmmakers will get Connected all the Languages Film Culture, & Local Culture too.
Our Main Aim is to Connect all the Filmmakers from all the world in One platform.
Our mission is to promote serious cinema culture in the community and to develop in the next generation a fundamental understanding of cinema. By doing so, we hope to develop progressive and democratic cine artists who promote human values.

As a unique creative and learning experience, we curate innovative programs that develop artists and leaders, inspiring them to conceive and create powerful works and ideas that are shared with the world. Art forms such as film, as art forms, are powerful in bridging cultures and revealing what the human experience is all about. A primary objective of our organization is to promote film to a wide audience as a powerful technological medium that stimulates creativity, inspires introspection, and encourages exploration.

195 Countries film Festival strives to be a global leader in arts, culture, and creativity by inspiring artists and leaders to make their unique contributions to society. We promote cross-cultural understanding and the art and science of film through education. We are committed to supporting the creation and advancement of artistic and innovative cinematic works of both seasoned and emerging filmmakers, and we are excited to embrace the passion.


● First Prize : 5000/- Trophy & Certificate
● Second Prize : 4000/- Trophy & Certificate
● Third Prize : 3000/- Trophy & Certificate
● Forth Prize : 2000/- Trophy & Certificate
● Fifth Prize : 1000/- Trophy & Certificate




1] Best Feature Film Category
2] Best Short film Category
3] Best Documentary
4] Best Experimental Film
5] Best Women Empowerment
6] Best Mobile Film Category
7] Best COVID-19 Film (Lockdown Film)
8] Best Music Video
9] Best Animation Film
10] Best Advertisement Video
11] Best Horror Film
12] Best Other projet


● Best Director (M/F)
● Best Actor/Actress (M/F)
● Best Child Actor(M/F).
● Best Story Writer
● Best Cinematographer.
● Best Screenplay
● Best Jury Award.
● Best Negative actor (M/F)
● Best Producer
● Best Production House
● Best student director (M/F)
● Best First Time Filmmaker (M/F)

◆Rules & Terms◆
● Any languages /any Duration Accept. (Subtitles Not Compulsory,)
◆ Multiple entries can be submitted.
◆ We accept you tube link, google drive link,vimeo link
◆ Award Category 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy and certificate for the following category
◆ All rights reserved for the member of the celebration team in relation to the celebration.
◆ The official selection list and final result list will be posted on the Facebook page at the appointed time.
◆ If a jury member encounters a problem with the project link while investigating your project, the festival team will not be held responsible.
● jury decision well be final.
● Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.
● The decision of festival selection committee will be final.
● Every information of the festival will be given on the Facebook page,
●The festival program of one day, so only a few projects from the films selected will be screened.
●The film screening and award ceremony will be held on the same day.
● Award Information: -
1) The official selection list will be made from amongst all entry of the festival.
2) Nominated Film List (Semi Final) will be selected from the official selection list
3) 101+ Final Awards will be announced from the selected Nominated Film (Semi Final).List.

Overall Rating
  • A very fine festival, run by people dedicated to independent film. I will submit again and recommend it to all indie filmmakers!

    July 2022
  • Jan Beyen

    Great festival that is worth to submit to. I recommend it to everyone.
    And of course a jury with a good taste and judgement : thanks again for awarding Monkey Business as Best Animated Short Film. I am honoured and very happy with this award.

    May 2022
  • Shanoob Karuvath

    Really loved being part of this amazing festival… it is really an honour for me to be part of 195 countries festival…. Thank you so much guys

    May 2022
  • Thank you for supporting our service dog public education initiative plans. We highly recommend your festival! Five Stars!

    May 2022
  • Leslie Streit

    The festival had excellent communication and our team is very grateful for the awards we received.

    May 2022