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Revenge & passion tear an orphan apart learning the girl he loves belongs to the family that murdered his parents while trying to stop a nuclear device from detonating Las Vegas.

  • David Bryant Perkins
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    Action, Adventure, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - David Bryant Perkins

David’s work has been published in journals, magazines, and newspapers throughout Europe, including columns in Germany’s largest Weekly Woman’s Magazine Bild der Frau in the 1980’s, Kurier Szczecinski during the 1990’s in Poland, where his first book was published answering spiritual and metaphysical questions many Polish people had after freeing themselves from the chains of communism:

Moja Gwieznda Therapia (Star Therapy) – ISBN 83 – 909578 – 5 – X

David's second book, by Tate Publishing, resulted from playing chess in a Hamburg city park, where a chance encounter opened up a German WWII veteran who worked in the Nazi SS Department of the Occult - The Black Sun - to share the works of Karl Krafft and other personalities who developed the occult for the Nazi war machine, leading to the book the screenplay is based:

Hitler’s Astrologer - ISBN # 978-1-62902-336-6

The Screenplay for HITLER’S ASTROLOGER, finished in summer of 2014, has already been announced Gold Winner in the International Independent Film Awards, Best Screenplay at the Big Soda Cinema & Jive Azz Film Festivals, and is currently a finalist in the World Series of Screenwriting, the Marquee Lights Screenwriting Competition, the Aura Screenwriter Awards, and the 10th Annual Action on Film International Film Festival, among others. More info at:

David currently works as a SPED high school teacher of History, and is a year away from obtaining his PhD in Online Instructional Design. He has a lovely 16 year-old daughter who wishes to be a film director. Other screenplays by David are: TEXT MESSAGES TO GOD, HITLER'S ASTROLOGER and NISEI LEGACY.

More info/bio at:

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