My Unknown

  • Kevin Bradshaw
  • Kevin Bradshaw
  • Kevin Bradshaw
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    1 hour 15 minutes
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Director - Kevin Bradshaw
Director Statement

After going through several jobs, I realized that I had to do something that I was really passionate about. After working on a few film sets, I wrote a script and I grabbed a video camera and some local actors and I decided to make a movie and see what happened. My film was selected at a few festivals and even won some awards. What I realized was how much I enjoyed what I was doing. I loved coming up with creative solutions to storytelling problems. I knew that graphic storytelling was such a fulfilling experience where I could come up with some awesome concepts. Since then, I have worked on several productions in music videos, corporate and commercial videos and videography.

At the present, several projects were in the works including a cooking program for television shooting in 2015 as well as a horror anthology, a documentary for television. Development has also begun on another feature film titled Into the Unknown, a sequel to the award winning film My Unknown. Writing for the film has been completed and is currently in pre-production.