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18MHz - The Ghost Frequency

Famed TV Ghost Hunter George Trask thought he'd figured out where Ghosts come from. He was wrong. Now George and his partners, including his Ex who happens to be a famous medium, are in a race against time to prevent an ancient evil from being unleashed on the entire world

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    Horror, Comedy, Action
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  • Quarte Finalist
Writer Biography

I have been on stage my whole life. I recently appeared in two independent films and decided to try my hand at writing screenplays. I have a unique and cohesive voice and can tell stories that will grip readers' imaginations.

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Writer Statement

The one thing I am most proud of in my writing is that I create worlds that operate on a set of rules. Whether the project is serious or comedic (or both) I like to set expectations that the characters and concepts fit the story and make sense to the viewer.