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Children's Allowance

Childrens Allowance is a short film about sacrifice. A tedious morning in a district court somewhere in Dublin, Mrs Bridie Foley sits anxiously waiting to hear the clerk call her son's name. Bernard Foley has recently been keeping company with small time career criminal, Anthony Clarke, they have both been caught stealing a car and are waiting to get their court date. Bridie has had to take out a credit union loan just to pay for a solicitor and is offering her childrens allowance book as a guarantee to the court that he will show up for his court appearance leaving her younger children vulnerable. A mothers sacrifice to keep her family intact
Spanish Subtitles:

  • Brian Stynes
    Before the car arrives
  • Brian Stynes
    Crime Boss
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 15 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • XPO North
    June 11, 2015
  • Strawberry Shorts
    June 5, 2015
  • Buckshot Film Festival
  • Indian Cine Film Festival
  • Indie Cork
  • Cairo Video Festival
  • Cheap Thrills Zero Budget Film Festival
    Sheffield, UK
    October 10, 2015
  • Capital Irish Film Festival
    Washington DC
    March 5, 2016
  • Goldensun Film Festival
  • Short Film Showcase
  • Fastnet Film Festival
    May 28, 2016
  • Nassau Film Festival
    New Jersey
    United States
    May 14, 2016
  • 7th Underground Cinema Film Festival
    September 9, 2016
  • Sweet AS Film Festival
  • Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival
  • Hidden Lives. Cambridge. UK
    United Kingdom
    June 2, 2017
  • RATMA Film Festival
    United Kingdom
    October 14, 2017
  • Hackney Attic Film Festival
    United Kingdom
    May 11, 2017
  • Free Fringe Festival
    July 20, 2018
Director Biography - Brian Stynes

I.T. Professional since 2007. Purchased Fimmaking equipment in 2009 and have been making short films since then. First film as director, Before the car arrives, (2011) was screened at festivals as diverse as Siberia (Kansk Video Festival) M.I.T. European Short film festival and was included in the Ohio State University Journal of Short film. After assisting many other Irish filmmakers to make their film, I completed the script for Children's Allowance and 1914 Street, two short films that would be filmed back to back in 2015 and produced/directed by myself. Children's Allowance has the distinction of being screened at festivals on every continent. After completing these two short films, I went to work on a feature film script (Penitent) shooting for this began on January 2016 and editing was completed in April 2017. Penitent has received 4 best feature nominations, 2 best actor awards and a further best actor nomination from festivals around the world. Whirlpool pairs myself and Michael Linehan again in a tale about stepping up to the mark when life demands. The Ceased is a very dark, very short science fiction film whereas 72 Miles is a lighthearted peek at a bygone and more innocent time in Ireland.

2011 Before the car arrives (Short) – Writer/Director/Producer
Darklight Film Festival 2011
Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2012
Fastnet Film Festival 2012
Kansk Video Festival (Russia) 2012
M.I.T. European Short Film Festival (USA) 2013
Free Spirit Film Festival (India) 2013
IndieCork (Ireland) 2013
Family Fiction Film Festival (Portugal) 2014
Three Cities Film and Television Festival (Dominican Republic)
Screened on Irish National Television (RTE)
Ohio State University Journal of Short Film 2015

2014 Pigeons (Short) Writer/Director
European Short Film Festival at M.I.T. USA

2014 Crime Boss (Short) Writer/Director
Siliguri International Short Film and Documentary Contest
Kala Ghoda Festival (India)
Shorts @ Fringe (Azores)

2015 Children's Allowance (Short) Writer/Producer/Director
XPO North, Inverness. Scotland
Buckshot Film Festival. Australia
Strawberry Shorts. UK
Indian Cine Film Festival
Indie Cork Film Festival
Cairo Video Festival
Fastnet Film Festival
Capital Irish Film Festival
Nassau Film Festival
Short Film Showcase
Cheap Thrills No Budget Film Festival
Goldensun Film Festival
7th Underground Cinema Festival
Dublin Music and Short Film Festival
Hidden Lives - Cambridge UK
Hackney Attic Film Festival UK
RATMA Film Festival. Keighley. UK
Free Fringe Festival. Leitrim. Ireland.

2015 1914 Street (Short)
Erkhuleni Film Festival
IndieCrete Film Festival
Fastnet Film Festival
Goldensun Film Festival
Delhi International Film Festival
IndieCork Festival

2016 Photograph (Music Video)
RATMA Film Festival
IndieWise Film Festival
Grecanica Film Festival (Italy)

2017 Penitent (Feature Film)
The Elevation Indie Film Awards (Dublin) Best Actor/Spotlight Award
8th Underground Cinema Festival (Dublin)
European Film Festival (Moscow)
Best Independents International Film Festival (Germany) NOMINEE- Best Film
Top Indie Film Awards (Online) NOMINEE-Best Actor/Best Film
Unrestricted View Film Festival (London)
British Independent Amateur Film Festival (Yorkshire) Best Actor
Prisma Film Awards (Rome)
Straight Jacket Guerilla Film Festival
Genre Celebration Film Festival Nominee: Best Drama Feature
Concepcion Film Awards (Chile)
AltFF (The Alternative Film Festival) Toronto: Nominee: Best Drama Feature
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival - Winner: Best Feature

2018 Whirlpool (Short Film)
Elevation Indie Film Awards - Winner: Pinnacle Award
CineFern Online Film Festival Official Selection
The Film Contest WINNER Best Director
Independent Online Film Festival Official Selection
Moving Pictures Festival - First Round Selection
Alternative Film Festival - NOMINEE - Best Director
Capital Irish Film Festival - Official Selection
10th Underground Cinema Festival - Official Selection
Universal Martial Arts Film Festival - Official Selection
573 International film Festival - Best Performance
Short Film Review - Best Drama/Actor/Director
Top Indie Film Awards - Best Actor
Hastings Film Fringe - Official Selection
Fighting Spirit Film Festival - Official Selection
Portobello Film Festival - Official Selection
I Filmmaker Film Festival - Official Selection
Screened on National Television (RTE)
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival - Official Selection

2019 The Ceased (Short) - Writer/Producer/Director
Spook Screen - Official Selection
Independent Horror Movie Awards - WINNER - Best Actor
Genre Celebration Festival - NOMINEE - Best Sci Fi Short
Take it easy Film Festival - Official Selection
The Dark Hedges Film Festival - Official Selection
Cine Fern Online Film Festival - Official Selection
Diabolical Horror Film Festival - Official Selection
Speculative Film Festival - Official Selection

2019 72 Miles (Short) - Producer/Director
ALTFF - Official Selection
Chicago Irish Film Festival Official Selection
The Lift-Off Sessions Official Selection
Fastnet Film Festival - Official Selection
British International Amateur Film Festival
Underground Cinema Awards - Official Selection
Short Film Reviews Film Festival - Official Selection
YofiFest Irish Cinema Showcase - Official Selection

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