When does Love begin?

A couple meet for a night of passion, but discover they are childhood friends as the audience realizes that their love for one another is created through a false pretense. The plot twists into a completely different story that describes what love can be, what it can do and redefines the concept of commitment.

  • Francisco C Torres
    A Stain in the Threading,
  • Nella Citino
  • Francisco C. Torres
  • Brian Belz
    Key Cast
  • Dennis Yadon
    Key Cast
  • Bob Moore
    Key Cast
  • Marie Mack
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    13 minutes 40 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 2, 2015
  • Production Budget:
    1,200 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Milwaukee Short Film Festival 2015
    Milwaukee, WI
    September 12, 2015
    Wisconsin Premiere
  • MAC Mostra Amazonas de Cinema Film Festival
    Buenos Aires, Brazil
    September 14, 2015
    South America Premiere
    Official Selection
  • Magwill Film Festival
    Los Angeles, CA
    September 14, 2015
    North America Premiere
    Official Selection
  • ROMA CineDoc
    Rome, Italy
    September 14, 2015
    European Premiere
    Honorable Mention: Screenplay
  • Door County Short Film Festival
    Sister Bay, WI
    February 13, 2016
    Official Selection
  • Back in the Box
    Toluca Lake, CA
    December 22, 2015
    Festival Selection
  • Cutting Edge International Film Festival
    Pompano Beach, FL
    December 15, 2015
    Best LBGT
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Director Biography - Francisco C Torres

Francisco C. Torres has been in the media and theater industry for over 20 years. From video, theater, television and film he has had the opportunity to work in both the East and West Coast before setting his current residence in the Midwest.
He started doing camera work for televised sports events on the East Coast and quickly moved to directing live Regional Broadcasts of women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, tennis, football, teleplays, concerts, orchestras and even a cooking show, for several years, to name a few. In his free time he would also do freelance photography for newspapers in New Jersey and Philadelphia.
His concentration in college was radio, broadcasting, television and film. In his summers he would work for a regional professional theater company as an actor. While in college he also developed programming for the local radio station.
On the West Coast he continued to be involved in theater productions, television, commercial work and film. It was on the West Coast that he also started doing voiceover work.
In the Midwest he has had the opportunity to work in many forms of media and theater. He also had the opportunity to become one of the founding members of the Five Amazing Tacos, an improv group that would perform for children He has acted in over 100 theater productions and has had the opportunity to produce, fight choreograph and direct several stage productions. He has also produced and directed multiple industrial videos, commercials and short films.
His specialties are in producing, acting, writing, and directing. He is currently the Vice President of Madison Shakespeare Company and one of the founders of the theater production company Know Better Productions and the independent film production company Frozen Stage Films.
Francisco C. Torres is also a loving father.

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Director Statement

I remember my first love. I remember the details. The looks across the room. The smiles and the understanding. The flirting and the doubts. The nerves going and the heart pounding rapidly against my chest as we approached our first kiss. Then came our first embrace. Everything was real. How I felt in those moments which I shall never forget was amazing. What came after and from that love was even more amazing, if that could be believed.

When the talented Nella Citino came to me with the first script that she had ever written and asked me to direct, I could not be happier. Not only because I truly love to direct and it’s a huge passion of mine, but because here she was trusting me with her first script. There aren’t many firsts and she chose me. Then I read the script and I fell in love with that third scene and everything that it meant. This script has to be made.

We brought some of the greats on board to bring to life every scene. Gary Dunham brought his years of significant experience behind the camera and Ray Ibsen brought his keen eye to bring us the right lighting. These two gifted individuals brought across a design that helped to create the fictional world that became the first and second scenes of this short film.

Now came the contrast of the third and most important scene to this piece. This scene had to feel real and we needed to feel that relationship. The cast and crew were at their best that day and they brought about exactly what needed to be done to bring Nella’s story to it’s most important point.

Why did that third scene resonate with me so much? Why was it so important? That brings me back to my first love and that first paragraph that I wrote on this page. Many of us, if we are lucky, have felt and experienced those moments of love. No matter who we are, the color of our skin or our gender, those feelings are still love.

When I first fell in love and built an amazing relationship, we were rejected and hatred was sent our way simply because of our difference in skin color. How could that happen? How could even those close, shun us? Love persevered however and we fought to show how important it is to accept and love rather than hate and ignore. It was through that love that was created an even greater love. My daughter was born. The second I held her in my arms I fell in love again. I remember every moment. I remember every detail. If we would have faltered, listened to the ignorance and fell to hatred, then I would never have known love. Love should never be denied to anyone.

Nella has written a great story and thanks to the hours of love spent by the cast and crew to bring this story to you, I hope that everyone is able to understand that we all deserve a great love.

- Francisco C. Torres