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Predator In The Clubhouse: The Boston Red Sox Child Molestation Story

This screenplay is based on a true story. The events took place in Winter Haven, Florida between 1971 and 1991. The Boston Red Sox had their spring training facility there at that time. The facility was called the Chain of Lakes Ballpark. There was a Caucasian man named Donald Fitzpatrick who worked in the organization as their clubhouse manager. He was called Fitzie for short. Between that period, Fitzie is believed to have molested as many as a dozen African-American boys, who worked under him at the facility as clubbies. He plead guilty in 2002 but never served time. He was given a ten year suspended sentence and fifteen years probation. Fitzie died in 2005 but the stories of the victims has never been told…. Until now.

“Predator In The Clubhouse: The Boston Red Sox Child Molestation Story” is the most eye-opening and compelling untold story of child molestation, within a sports institution, in sports history. You will see how the circumstances of these young African-American boys, who were mostly poor and fatherless, were used to take advantage of them. Take a look into the mind of the predator and see how he uses his position of power to control and manipulate these young victims. Look into the minds of the actual young victims and see some of the signs of abuse which parents can overlook. We send them to various professional sports organizations to work with some of the biggest athletes of our time and we assume they are safe. However, how many Penn State scandals are waiting to emerge? How do we protect our youth? The answers to these questions may be more complex than we know but this story may help to bring awareness to this issue.

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Writer Biography - Gary Gene Tavares

I was born in Queens, New York in March 1965. I came across rough times when my five brothers and sisters and I were abandoned by both parents. I was no older than four years old. In 1993 I found out I have the gift of writing. At first it was a way to channel my energy and escape. I later decided to use this gift to educate others as well as do something positive for our communities. I Wrote, Directed and Acted in four educational plays: Justice by Force, (Gang violence-1995)“Our Streets Our Neighborhood,” (Neighbors taking back their streets-1997) “Mama it’s My Baby,” (Teenage pregnancy-1999) and “Until Death Do Us Part.” (Domestic Violence-2000 and an encore presentation in 2001)
I began writing Screenplays in 2000. I found I have the ability to write Screenplays of any genre (from action to horror/fiction or non-fiction) I have finished three full-length screenplays. I am also working on several other Screenplays. I write poetry and have three published poetry books. They are, "Inspirational and Educational Poems First Edition,"(2007) "Inspirational and Educational Poems Second Edition,"(2008) and "Motivational and Inspirational Poems." (2010) The Poetry books educationally address tough youth, community and political social issues. I have finished a powerful novel entitled, "Deceptive Vows," which deals with domestic violence. I also have written a book entitled, “Predator on the Diamond: The Boston Red Sox Youth Molestation Story,” which is based on a true story. They were published by Tavares Entertainment, LLC. I have been a Youth Motivational Speaker since 2004. I speak with youth from grades four to twelve. I have established my own business in the Atlanta Georgia area. I am CEO and Founder of Tavares Entertainment, LLC. (founded 2005)

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