Your Cotton Pickin' Mind

A woman sentence to life for murder is forced to face the family of her victims. But will she make them face their own dark secrets?

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    Stage Play
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    United States
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  • Featured in the book, Ladies and Whores: Three Two Act Plays
Writer Biography

Deirdre started writing at the age of fourteen with poems and short stories.
Her love of horror, thrillers, exploitation and dark comedies also started young with watching way too many 1970s exploitation, 1980s slasher and foreign films.
With a background in theater, mostly behind the scenes, Deirdre switched from short stories to writing staged plays. She has completed seven stage plays with topics ranging from a murder mystery set in the 1890s to an S/M themed, disco musical. Deirdre has won several awards and have had numerous readings of her work. Three of her plays are in her self-published book, Ladies & Whores: Three Two Act Plays. Available on and
In 2005, Deirdre ventured into the world of screenwriting. Her first script Auntie, is about a young woman who uses murder as her coping mechanism. Other works by the writer include Big Daddy, a buddy cop piece and homage to the exploitation genre. Little Sister delves into the world of teen witches and Cop’s Wife follows a housewife seeking bloody revenge. The Second Beast explores the power of religion as a young woman believes she is responsible for the coming of the apocalypse. All have either won or placed highly in multiple screenwriting competitions. Her latest short feature scripts, Soul Mate and Sub are companion pieces that share the theme of love and loss.

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Writer Statement

I have a tendency to merge genres and my hope is to continue to write strong female roles, change the face of horror and have my words expressed both on stage and screen. Like every other writer, I am looking for a creative home.