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HUGH, a young, attractive polo-player from a wealthy banking family, leads a privileged existence and although he attracts a lot of women is reluctant to commit. He is in a relationship with the rich and snobbish SARAH, but resists her attempts to discuss marriage. When she presents him with the keys to a house that her rich father has bought for them, he ends the relationship, to Sarah’s fury. In retaliation, she sets a vicious dog on him and he seeks help from his fellow polo-player and friend, JOHN, who lends him a London flat to stay in as a hideout. Hugh goes looking for DAISY, a law student whom he met very briefly when, as a foxhunting protestor, she blocked his path. He manages to track her down to the pub in Chelsea where she works and starts to get to know her. John gets Hugh a job in his insurance company where he meets NESTOR, a salesman, who takes him under his wing. Nestor is passionate about the tango, and takes both Hugh and Daisy to a class; they become friends, and when Hugh discovers that Sarah is still stalking him, Nestor offers him his spare flat to stay in. Soon after, Hugh meets Daisy’s father MARK who invites Hugh to Daisy’s nephew’s First Communion. After the ceremony Daisy’s niece almost chokes to death and Nestor comes to the rescue, taking the girl and her parents to hospital, leaving Daisy and Hugh in charge of her young nephew Samuel. Looking after him, and playing in the park, Hugh and Daisy bond further. After the First Communion party Hugh takes Daisy home and they kiss. He’s looking forward to seeing her again but is drawn sharply back into his old life by the news that his father has tried to commit suicide when faced with bankruptcy. Reluctantly, Hugh agrees to marry Sarah, whose father will restore the family’s fortunes. Daisy is devastated by Hugh’s sudden disappearance and Nestor helps her to track him down: they are both stunned to discover that Hugh is a rich, successful polo-player, and go to Cowdray Park to confront him. However, when Hugh tries to explain to Daisy, she runs away. Hugh goes to Tuscany with Sarah but realises that he can’t go through with the plan of marrying her so he returns to London and solves the financial problem by finding a rich wife for his reluctant father. He tries to find Daisy, but she won’t speak to him because she believes he’s still engaged to Sarah and she consider Hugh a liar.
Hugh doesn’t give in and after tiring dancing lessons he learns to dance the tango. Eventually, he then goes to the amateur dancing competition where Daisy is competing with another partner. Hugh takes over from the man and dances with Daisy winning her over.
Daisy tells him she loves him after all, and they get married in Tuscany.

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I worked for IBM Italy for twenty years and for other five years as a freelance computer consultant, then I went in the real estate business (with an easy joke I could say I went from software to hardware!) and now I’m a full time screenwriter.

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Writer Statement

The concept of this romantic comedy centres on the traditional ‘will they, won’t they’ get together and a
well-used theme of an upper class man falling in love with a working class girl. The logline is as follows:
The wealthy son of a banker, hedonist and immature is forced to work as an employee to escape an obsessive woman. He meets a girl who allows him to discover the real value of life and its emotions.