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Hawk Moon

Little Hawk is a Native American warrior living on the great plains in the 1870’s. He witnesses the brutality of the white soldiers that have come to his peaceful land. He fears for the safety of his young family, Buffalo Woman and his two young sons as well as the people of his tribe. When Little Hawk kills a white hunter that attacked his wife, he provokes the wrath of the U.S cavalry who plan to attack his settlement.

Dark Cloud, a mysterious Native American Shaman befriends Little Hawk and shares his visions of powerful men that must be stopped in the future. He tells Little Hawk of how the white soldiers will over power his people, but he can have his revenge in the other time. Dark Cloud sends Little Hawk into present day Denver, to eliminate these powerful men.

Unknown to Little Hawk, Joseph Craven a Government scientist working with Gregory Mason an F.B.I agent in the present, has found the wormhole to Little Hawk’s time. They plan to take an army back to find gold on the Native American’s, sacred hills before the gold settlers find it in the great gold rush. As the cavalry prepare to attack Little Hawk’s settlement his wife Buffalo Woman is kidnapped and taken to present day Denver.

Mason will stop at nothing until he gets the gold back to the present time. Ultimately Little Hawk must save his wife and people in two different times, while suspecting the Shaman of betrayal.

  • Cal Athan
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    United States
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  • 2020 Los Angeles Cinema Festival - Winner

  • 2020 American Screen Awards – Award of Merit
  • 2017 NYLA International Film Festival - Grand Prize Winner
  • 2017 New York Metropolitan Screenplay Contest - Grand Prize Winner
Writer - Cal Athan