Harkat is back with the fourth edition of the 16mm film festival, a festival exclusively screenings works done on celluloid film.

The 16mm Film Festival, conceived with a view of re-connecting with the cinematic medium through it's celluloid history has been drawing an amazing response these past few years, with year long workshops and screenings With a very generous support from Kodak, the festival has been working it's way through re-building and supporting infrastructure for filmmakers and artists who want to work on film since the past 4 years.

This year, the festival has gathered much more support from Kodak, industry professionals and partner organisations, who are all working together to further the medium.

Apart from the usual fare of bringing films made on film to the film capital of India, facilitating the production of 5 one minute films by young film makers and conducting beginner and advanced workshops, the festival will be announcing a year long slate of engagements and facilitation in the realm of film.

Another big announcement is that we have loosened our guidelines to also accept films shot on film but with their final prints on digital mediums. Though we will, and always, give preference to films shown on film.

The Harkat 16mm Film Festival is organised by Harkat, an alternative arts space and a film production company based in Mumbai and Berlin.

- We only accept films shot on 'celluloid film' - These can be 8mm, 16mm or 35mm.
- Prints on film are preferred.
- The festival schedule will be released on December 1st.
- Once a film entry is submitted, it must be sent in.
- The festival will quality check each print and send a QC report and will then take responsibility of it being sent back in the same condition. The festival is not responsible for any damage in transit and the filmmaker must take responsibility for insurance of their prints.
- All films must be accompanied with a synopsis of the film and publicity material.
- The festival will not be able to pay for the travel and allowance for any of the entries accepted.
- The festival is under no obligation to accept the submitted film

Overall Rating
  • Anoop Oommen

    The festival was well organized and had a handsome outcome.
    The films were viewed en mass.

    December 2018

    Very nice welcome. The organizers are people who are passionate about 16mm film.

    December 2018
  • Simon Helbling

    Wonderful festival, very nice communication and good social media work

    December 2018