Founded 2003 in Paris the International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT had
become a multinational meeting place and is today active in form of
competition and focus programs in Berlin, Lisboa, Bangkok, Urbino,
Saarbrücken and other places. In these last years we have presented
some thousand films from around 70 countries in our principal yearly
festivals and on the same time in around 140 programs in collaboration
with cultural institutions and festivals in up to now 33 countries,
among those Algeria, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Hongary, Indonesia,
Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Peru, Russia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey,
United States ...

The intention of the festival is to search and present films, which
reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the
crucial points of the modern human existence. t looks for astonishing,
strange, surprising and sometimes provocativ works. It is a place for
cinema that expands its own boundaries, celebrating confrontations,
tolerance and sensibilisation for cultural differences, independence
and individuality, ready to open up for unpredictable experimentation.

For each festival we compose new programs and invite a different jury.

This Festival in Tucuman edition will be limited to documentaries and
experimental documentaries of all lenghs.


Festival international Signes de Nuit
Direction: Dieter Wieczorek
18, rue Bude
75004 Paris
cell. 00 33 6 84 40 84 38
tel. 00 33 1 40 46 92 25

To keep informed please join us on:
facebook: Dieter H. Wieczorek (ex: Direction Signes de Nuit)
fb page: Festival international Signes de Nuit
fb group: Festival international Signes de Nuit

Without restriction. Just the film you estimate as the most important one.

The Signs Award for Documentary honors films, which express in a
surprising way sensible and perturbing aspects of reality.

The Night Award for Documentary honors films, which represent reality
in an ambivalent and enigmatic way, avoiding stereotypes of
representation and simple conclusions.

The Edward Snowden Award honors films, which offer sensible (mostly)
unknown informations, facts and phenomenons of eminent importance, for
which the festival wishes a wide proliferation in the future.

For the competition programs the production year should not be older
as 2016.

In the case your film is chooses, we will contact you asking for a screening copy. Also if your film is not choosen immedialtly, it can be choosen later for another upcoming festival organized by during the year (in anopther country/town).

With the submission on this platform you give automatically the screening permission of your film to the festival for this actual edition in Lisboa. The festival can integrate your film in its actual edition without further permissions from your side. You also can't add further condition for the screening permission (for example fee requests etc.)

We can't send back dvds, blurays, usb keys, hard disc ect.