14 Days In A Laughing Academy

14 Days In a Laughing Academy is a contemporary comedy play, embedded with sarcasm and showcasing the sense of humor in every characters of the literary work. The play centered on a highschool teenage boy (Daniel) who defy the order of his parents by going on a camping trip without thier knowledge. But after he returned from the camping trip, he was left with no options than to feign madness for him to escape the consequences of his decision, but that did not end well for him as he ended up spending fourteen days in a mad house.

  • Olamide Akinosun
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Writer Biography - Olamide Akinosun

Olamide Akinosun (born June 11, 2000) is an irreverent promising playwright, who specializes in fiction and historical fiction writings. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria to a Nigerian parents. Olamide is also a multitalented young artist who takes pleasure in pencil drawing, writing, painting and screen printing. He is currently aspiring to study creative art course in the University of Lagos, with his love for graphic design and fine art. Olamide began developing interest in American history and culture at a tender age, and this has inspired him to write his first ebook play, Get That Black! Which highlights the experience of a young foreign scholar, Yemi Williams. who was faced with prejudice, after migrating to America with his mom amid his resumption in Harvard. Olamide's aspiration is to become an American actor, director and film producer, his goals include, getting his first ebook project into a movie and also becoming a more established writer.

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