140 Characters or Less

In 2008, the world was introduced to Twitter, meet one of the original Twits. After foiling a botched bank robbery our protagonist, Trevor, is flung into the media spotlight, and he doesn't like it as much as he thought he would.
Now he’s saved the day, he has to save himself. Can he change his life around with just one Tweet? Can he stop the crooks, find a purpose in life and win the girl? Can he REALLY do all that in 147 characters or less?

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Writer Biography - Gary O'Toole

Gary O’Toole is a Producer, Writer and Author, born in the North west of the United Kingdom.
Gary is founder and owner of Red Rock Pictures PTY LTD, a bright and promising Melbourne film and television production house. Red Rock Pictures has several projects in various stages of development, their philosophy is a simple one - They make international content for an international audience. Projects in development include television comedies Head-Shots, Hook Line and Sink Her as well as police procedural Deep Cover Operative. Feature films include Nulla, Clandestine and Fraker’s Way. Gary has also Co-Produced a documentary on the original Mad Max feature film called Mad Max Exposed and is the author of 28 books

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Writer Statement

This rowdy comedy will appeal to anyone who enjoys films like ‘A Fish Called Wanda” “Hot Fuzz” and “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”.

It has action and adventure, of course, but more than that, it has heart. It's about love, loyalty and friendship. It's about chances not taken and risks removed. It's about finding your way back when you're lost.