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Frightened parents send their 12-year-old daughter to a mental institution out of ignorance, though their child has communicative abilities beyond human capacity.

  • Serge Magnavox
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    Student, Short Script
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    Spirit Science, Science Fiction
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Serge Magnavox

Egyptian born writer Serge Magnavox is a Film and Video Studies senior at George Mason University with a concentration in script writing and graphic design. Serge’s first short script “In Safe Hands” screened in Washington West Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, and Bowtie Cinemas. Serge is currently working on establishing Spirit Science as a sister genre of science fiction through short stories, short scripts, and a novel launching their original universe: Realm 6.
Serge also specializes in script supervision. They interned as a script supervisor on the Daily Bread Series with The Forge Studios and worked in continuity on more than 10 short films including “BURP!” with “Permanent” director Colette Burson, Nefertite Nguvu’s “Myself When I Am Real,” Giovana Chesler’s “The Pickup,” and Tilia Entertainment’s “The Last Minute.”

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Writer Statement

The idea of Godkin and Anna as a character came to me when another filmmaker requested that I write a story about Space. The title GODKIN came shortly after when I saw the idea being more than just a short about people with the abilities to communicate with space and celestial bodies.
The idea of Godkin as a type of people came from the idea that not everyone who is incarnated on earth comes from/was made on earth. Space is a vast expanse too big for a generation to explore yet understand. What if there were people who originated from other planets in spirit but simply wore human bodies in this incarnation?
The film Godkin is also about taking a step away from textbook definitions of people and truly listening to what others have to say. If the leading characters in the film didn’t stop and look into who they truly are, misinformation and mischaracterization would have been the fate of the seers in this world.
The world of Godkin and the Godkin characters themselves show us there’s always more to life than external appearances and roles. Nothing is what it seems externally, even our definition of reality.