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The assisted intervention with animals told through four stories: a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder; a young woman with Friedrich's Ataxia; a Little girl with functional diversity; and a group of people with Alzheimer's.
Incondicionales is a documentary that aims to convey what are (and what is not) Interventions assisted with animals, from the own voice and experience of the protagonists, their families and the team of professionals of the Acavall Foundation, who share in the first person lives full of overcoming, trying to raise public awareness about the capacity and benefits of therapy and education with animals (horses, dogs, fish, birds, etc.).
The motivation that awakens to interact with an animal and share activities with it, is the means through which health and education professionals apply their profession, seeking to improve the well-being and quality of life of people at the same time. who are engaged.

  • Guillermo Domeque Emo
  • Guillermo Domeque Emo
  • Álvaro Olavarría
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  • Runtime:
    40 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 15, 2017
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Director Biography - Guillermo Domeque Emo

After more than twenty-five years in the complicated audiovisual trade I can say that I have done everything, photographer, illuminator, camera operator, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer... but what I really like is working in teams of great professionals in projects of different treatment, always with the same enthusiasm, commitment and dedication.

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Director Statement

Incondicionales began to take shape in February 2014. He had contacted AFAV, the association of relatives of Alzheimer's patients in Valencia to make a collection of portraits of some of his patients, a very enriching experience that later resulted in an exhibition in the School of Medicine. Through this contact I learned of the existence of a therapy supported by animals to improve the quality of life and try to evolve in the Alzheimer's disease, so I got in touch with their therapists, the A Cavall Foundation and I began to document with a few sessions photographic From that link was born the idea of ​​making a documentary that would illustrate the different sessions that took place in the foundation. That's how I met Belén, a young psychology student who suffers from a neurodegenerative disease called Friedrich's ataxia. Bethlehem is an anonymous heroine. His attitude towards adversity, his struggle and his desire to live deeply impacted me and inspired me to continue investigating these therapies. Thanks to Nazaret Hernández who is the founder and alma mater of A Cavall I was able to attend other sessions with other animals and other diseases, in the case of documentary Unconditional, pathologies such as autism, the aforementioned Alzheimer's and cerebral palsy. Unconditional are four stories of overcoming, of faith, of love. The documentary is limited to showing them, its protagonists are the users of this unique and empathetic relationship, they are also the animals that make it possible and their caregivers, therapists, relatives, volunteers ... a world apart where the spirit of improvement is the guiding thread.

It is this contagious spirit of self-improvement that has made possible the realization of this forty-minute piece. Without a budget, with hardly any means, only with the determination of the Ukemotion production company and all its team of professionals together with the invaluable support and help of the A Cavall Foundation, three years later it has become a reality which we want to invite you to see and take part.