At last, we saw the light, at the end of the tunnell
And it was shining so bright
The mission we started, the task we were facing
It came to life, on that very night

We live, in this small, small world
We think we are the only ones
But we live so far, far away
In this big universe

This world goes around
While we're spinning through this galaxy
We believe we are the only ones
But we are so wrong

So far away, we're floating through the galaxy
The world goes around, Living in a fantasy
So far away, we're spinning through the galaxy
The world goes around and around and around and 'round

This galaxy, is not the biggest one
Though we like to believe
We believe we are the only ones
But we are so wrong

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  • Heidi Christiansen
  • Atle Berven
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  • Akademia Music Awards
    Los Angeles
    November 15, 2017
    Best Pop
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The Norwegian couple from Barkåker produces their own music. They are in various genres like pop, country, rock, americana, trap, dance etc. They have made over 80 songs and still have new songs on the stairs. The songs posted here are only a small selection. Some of the songs are on our latest album Don`t Come As You Are. The time being they are working on some pretty cool new stuff, soon to be released, and also putting together a written biography of how they work in their home studio when it comes to putting together tracks.

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