Poster - 25th San Diego Latino Film Festival


The concept of the poster is based on representing a very specific cultural manifestation in Latin America: weaving as an everyday element used by indigenous cultures in their clothing and accessories. The images represented in the fabric offer elements representative and identifiable with the Latin American being: characterized by having a remarkable chromatic richness and an autochthonous design, they generate a high visual impact. These properties are applied in the poster complemented with elements of cinematography to create a symbiosis between what the festival represents.


El concepto del cartel se basa en representar una manifestación cultural muy propia en América Latina: el tejido como elemento cotidiano empleado por las culturas indígenas en su vestimenta y sus accesorios. Las imágenes representadas en el tejido ofrecen elementos representativos e identificables con el ser Latinoamericano: caracterizados por poseer una riqueza cromática notable y un diseño autóctono, generan un alto impacto visual. Esas propiedades son aplicadas en el cartel complementados con elementos de la cinematografía para crear una simbiosis entre lo que representa el festival.

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Artist Biography

Colombian Graphic Designer and Artist. Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. Very interest in all type of artistic expressions.

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