Understanding Moksha

The story is of Religion, God and us. If religion was to be compared to the moral tales that our grandmothers used to tell us when we were young, how is it being understood today ? If God, the hero of the tale, is the portrayal of an 'ideal' human being, how have our ideals changed today ? (Or rather, how have we changed the ideals) After we have finished listening to the tale, what was the message we were originally meant to take home and what has become of it now ?

  • D Sameer Kumar
  • Dinesh Yadav
  • D Sameer Kumar
  • D Sameer Kumar
  • Prithvi Chahal
  • Abhimanyu Kumar
  • Shikar Gupta
    Sound Recordist and Designer
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  • Runtime:
    15 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    August 15, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    12,000 USD
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  • Language:
    Hindi, Telugu
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Director Biography - D Sameer Kumar

After two years in IIT Kharagpur, I dropped out to pursue my interest in photography. Moved to New Delhi and worked for couple year to understand myself and the industry. After which I joined Annapurna School of Film and Media to do Bachelors in “Direction and Cinematography”. As they say, the themes you explore are the person you are, self-discovery is a common theme across my works. I am avid traveler and Darkness is my muse. My love for story telling starts with the anecdotes I get to hear while I travel.

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Director Statement

When I ponder about how Varanasi became the land of Moksha, I tell myself that the following is what must have happened - If we try to trace back the origins of Varanasi, we understand that human civilization started here because of the abundance of water and other natural resources. As it is located in the lap of nature, and along the banks of the soothing Ganga, whoever comes here naturally begins to introspect. Against the tenacity of nature, one is forced to be true to himself/herself and accept his/her Karma, as a result of which, the place begins to seem like an ideal place for a peaceful death. Slowly, as religion and myths developed, Varanasi got established as the ideal place for death. However, in the process, it was forgotten how Varanasi became what it is. The rituals and traditions remain, but the simple truth about how it all began is lost. As centuries passed, such beliefs and practices have normalized death to the people of Varanasi and now, they accept death as it comes. The documentary is an attempt to understand if this is how it all began.