There are two paradigms that need to be consider when studying indigenous
groups in Latin America: all groups have cultural singularities, yet they share
mythological values. The main difference with non-indigenous cultures is a
cosmological one and it is represented in almost all the native religions: for
indigenous groups the universe is connected by rites, dreams, visions, and in
particular the work shamans do for this to happen. These ideas are depicted in
the (poster, banner) entitled Kauyumary, in which the traditional image of a
shaman and other elements are portrayed; the dancing of the shaman signifies
a moment of celebration. The fire represents the beginning of life, the world
order, and indigenous folklore. The organic decoration in the background
represents nature. The movie camara (creo queda major video camara) honors
Latino filmmakers.

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Artist Biography

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Naandeyé García Villegas

She was born on January 9th, 1981; she lives and works in Mexico City

She is a graphic designer who currently lives and works in Mexico City. She has a major in Design and Visual Communication at the Faculty of Arts and Design of UNAM, and a postgraduate in visual arts and multimedia at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

She worked at Unanime Creative Agency, working in projects of high-end clients from Russia and Spain.

In 2013, she returned to Mexico and founded Anlab, a visual laboratory dedicated to articulate analogue and digital methods for editorial and graphic design, web development and other experiments. She is also dedicated to teaching, at the undergraduate level, teaching courses in design theory and web development, at CESM and at SAE Institute México.

She received the GraphicsMatters 2017, Golden Prix prize of the Virtual Biennale Prague 2016, silver award "Award to! Design 2014" by "Brand Corporate", bronze award of Quorum (Council of Designers of Mexico) in the category Multimedia, 2006, among others.

She has won several honorary mentions and finalist mentions in some competitions in Mexico and abroad: International Poster Biennale Lublin 2017, Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design 2017, Co2 poster biennial, Poster on politics 2017, Graphic Matters 2017, Fl3tch3rexhibit, Bienal Nacional de diseño 2017, Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2017, TAG CDMX, Mentes Maestras, Graphic Stories Cyprus, UNAM, MUMEDI, 8th Jeju, Korea United Designs, Flamantes, PosterPoster, among others.

Her work as a designer has been published both in digital media and in international publishing collections.

At the same time, some of her posters have been exhibited in different countries such as Mexico, Shangai, Taiwan, Poland, Cyprus, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Cyprus, Dubai, United States and Netherlands.

She is currently an art director at the CESM Design Agency.

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