It opens with Laura receiving unusual emails, apparently from a sympathetic, admiring man who hides his identity, but she will soon discover she is not as safe as first appears.
As the story unfolds, despite a flattering self-portrait, this man emerges as a person emotionally capable of murder with an obsessive need of control.

She informs her boyfriend Derek, a police officer, about a possible connection between her virtual admirer and the last woman strangled to death in a recent string of attacks.

They were all called Laura and she thinks that she may well be on his list. Laura herself is quite troubled as she is aware of no real current direction in her life or in her writing. This may explain why she is seemingly drawn in to playing his game. She decides to tempt fate but soon realizes she is madly in love with this stranger.

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Writer Biography

As strange as it may seem, this is the work of a writer with a French mother and a Spanish father. Florence Nahon is proud of the meticulous education she received in the French Secondary School of Malaga, where she soon discovered her literary versatility. It was her thirst for knowledge and discovery that encouraged her to explore the many literary styles of poetry, fiction, romance, thriller, autobiography and documentary. Florence Nahon does not understand writing unless it is deep from within, using her moral teaching and personal experiences to maintain the very real personal, and feminine touch.
Florence Nahon was born in Casablanca in 1959. She has produced many novels, namely Simplemente Morgana (2000), a novel written ahead of its time, De Naturaleza Infiel (2001), Amor de Mil Amores (2001), as well as the more recent Lobo Blanco, Lobo negro (2003) and Laura debe morir (2003)

When it comes to the author’s personality, what stands out is her dual and extremely original style. Moralistic, surpassing the boundaries, romantic and morbid at the same time, which means that it is impossible to limit her to any one style. She represents the modern woman, a wife and mother who, within these two very different aspects of her life, admits to having found her perfect place.

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