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Dead Conscience

Obsessions and possessions becomes the talk of the day as the manifestation of the evil spirit is the experience of many a person everywhere. Running from the mind of a young woman Judith to the treasure-hold in the mind of Mark, the Evil spirit proves its worth in more a larger scale than ever known by man.
The demise of Ricky the Leader of the Fellows Fraternity exposes Mark to the dare heart of the Devil, when he is made to face with him on a one-and-one level, in the quest of pushing on the spiritual assignment from the demise soul of Ricky to that of Mark.

Ruth stands on Mark’s way of ensuring vengeance for the killing of his mother by a Medical Doctor on the innocent souls, as he becomes a Medical Professional, a bid to fulfill the deem repercussion quest of his mind.

Inductions of the Students into the evil’s mind meets with greater resistance from the Students’ as well as the Staff’s body. Bravery is seen when some of the students stands up to the truth at the expense of their studies.

Mark succeeds in his quest by sending many innocent souls, patients of his hospital to their early graves, by injecting them with poisonous substances in place of the necessary injections unto bringing healing to their bodies.

  • Andrew Essiet
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Writer Biography - Andrew Essiet

Andrew Essiet is a veteran Screenwriter and the Director of Alive Screenwriting Consort. He has been in the system for thirty-three years as he started writing when he was of the age; 17.

Andrew is a wit of many an artistic soul, and has been a product of the Screens ranging from Television to theatres. He is an award winning Screenwriter with more than ten Screenplays on the option and sales.

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The best I could give to humanity is sanity of the Scripts and reality. Am bend at seeing the world of humans go the while of living fulfilled.