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Synopsis: MARTI - a 7- year- old kid, dies unexpectedly. As he dies, his body divides in two and he looks at that from the side, without being able to do anything. His mother- LAURA, who is a famous piano player, alienates herself from the other people, and not long after that she gets in a coma because she has no desire to live. Her husband- DENIS (a car designer) is unable to help her.

Marti's school friend- Emma,'meets' him after his death. She and Marti try to help Laura overcome her sadness and make her play the piano again. Marti has two new friends- DILWYN, who is a magician and who lives both in Marti's and in the real world, and his dog- ARTHUR.
Laura gradually comes back to her senses, but she is still confused -in her dreams she has managed to get in contact with Marti. Laura is still unstable, but on one occasion she goes out alone, following a memory from her sleep. She witnesses a car crash, where the invisible Dilwyn saves the life of a little kid. Like all people in the street, she sees only the visible side of things.

It is necessary that Dilwyn meet her before she has made the fatal step and gulped down sleeping pills. Something strange happens- the pills freeze in the air before they have touched her mouth. Dilwyn and Laura talk in the bathroom about what has happened with Marti. The pills roll down the sink after Laura has decided to go on with her life.

As Laura takes a night walk, an ambulance siren brings back the memory of the car crash. She follows the ambulance and finds herself in a hospital. There she finds the kid, whom Dilwyn has saved. The nurse in the children's room is the transformed Dilwyn, who looks after the children in bad health condition.

Laura strives at meeting Marti. She shares that with Denis, after he has been walking the streets all night long, trying to find her.

Emma finds Dilwyn quite suspicious. Her suspicion alienates her from Marti and she can no longer see him.

Laura goes to see the kids in the hospital once again, where the Nurse has prepared a surprise- the boy from the car crash plays the piano and he makes an improvised piano duet with Laura.

On the next morning in the park Dilwyn reveals to Laura the meaning of what happened with Marti, as well as the meaning of their common regenerations through pictures from past times. Something strange happens- a jogging elderly man, who has passed by them before their talk, passes by them again and trips in absolutely the same way. Laura gets back home and lies on the bed next to Denis, who is sleeping. The bedroom door opens and Marti's bare feet slip under the covers. Laura has managed to get her son back.

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