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The story takes place in 1918,Jason and Stephanie were both orphans who fell in love while living in a Catholic Orphanage. However,Jason was among the few orphans chosen for a priesthood by the Catholic Mission.
Unfortunately,Jason was excommunicated by the Catholic Mission when he impregnated Stephanie.
Stephanie delivered a baby boy whom the Superior Mother ordered Stephanie to give up for adoption.
The baby boy was adopted by a rich couple who had given up hope of having their own baby,but as fate would have it,the rich couple were blessed with their own son whom they named Seth.
Jason and Stephanie's search for their son lead them from Philadelphia to Seattle where Jason believes the rich couple resides when he caught a glimpse of their vehicle's license plate number at the hospital.
Seth fell in love with the daughter of Jason and Stephanie,named Romancia,his college sweetheart.Seth proposed to Romancia,but his parents refused to give their blessing when Romancia told Seth about her father,Jason,who was wrongly accused and imprisoned for smuggling moonshine and involving in the killing of police officers. Seth consulted his brother,Bernard,the son of Jason and Stephanie who was given up for adoption to the rich couple,now a lawyer,to help Romancia reopen her father's case,and prove his innocence so that Jason could be freed and come with her daughter to meet their parents.
Eventually,Bernard was surprised to learn the truth that he was adopted and his biological parents were Stephanie and Jason,and Romancia was his little sister.

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