The Production Line

The Production Line is a satirical look at modern day mans struggle to find identity in an all-consuming society where money and material possession are the defining factors in what’s deemed as success.

Dylan is a depressed insomniac who works in a slaughterhouse as a production line assistant. His life consists of mundane repetition, lonely nights down the local pub, and ready meals for one. With no meaningful relations, no prospects and no hope, Dylan is losing the will to live.

While at a work conference Dylan meets Lucid, the charismatic CEO of Prime Meats Slaughterhouse. Lucid inspires in Dylan a passion for philosophising the true purpose of mans existence and what must be achieved to evolve as a human being, leading Dylan on a path to try and revolutionise the world as we know it… The only question is whether the the revolution will have a positive or a detrimental sinister effect on mankind...

  • Darren Lindfield
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    Sci-fi, Drama, Horror
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    United Kingdom
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  • Darren Lindfield
Writer - Darren Lindfield