Black, White and Brown

The meeting of Mr. Sr. and Ann in Hawaii in a Russian class at the University, they fall in love and start a beautiful romance, get engaged, get married. Obama Sr. is a specialist specialist in "SLAVER RELEASE" "His thesis is to understand why and for what his people suffered and suffer so much." So make the citizen aware of his value and oppose being used as a trade bug " . They have a son Barack Hussein Obama II. Obama Sr. goes to Harvard, Ann stays with her son and her parents In my scripit different from reality, Obama's father comes back, to everyone's happiness. Then the father accompanies the son in all the campaigns and is the part of their success They remain together until the death of the father.

  • Maria Amado
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    Negro, branco e marrom
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  • Slamdandance competition
    November 2, 2017
    Best short screenplay
Artist Biography

What shapes me, makes sense and tells me who I am is my work as a Screenwriter. My name is Maria Amado born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 56 years of hurricanes and calms. I believe that writing cinema is seed, it will bloom on the canvas and distribute flowers. That's what people need a flower given with care. I am responsible for the seed. I love this responsibility. And in the near future I want to be a film director. And so. I have two children, 25 years old and 23 years old, I am a widow. Live in Brazil.

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I commit to comply with all the rules and rules of concurs, this is my true commitment