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This film revolves around a family of four – A middle age man THAKUR, his wife Vibha, Manjeet and Suhani.
In this film, 28 year old MANJEET is hitting a 25 years old SUHANI. Manjeet keeps on hitting Suhani and says that he had enough of her in his life. Manjeet comes out of the room and we see Suhani badly beaten and lying on the floor in pain. Thakur tells Manjeet that she might die, but Manjeet says that who cares if she exists or not. Suhani tries to make a call through the landline inside the room, but Manjeet breaks the landline and warns her with dire consequences. Manjeet tells mom that Suhani will no more step out of the house.
One day Manjeet comes inside Suhani’s room & starts hitting her, because her boyfriend is enquiring a lot about her. For the first time, we actually get to know that Manjeet is Suhani’s elder brother. Manjeet is beating Suhani, because she has a boyfriend from another caste.
Days pass through and we see that Manjeet, Mom & Thakur are getting ready to leave somewhere. Manjeet enters Suhani’s room and as soon he enters, Suhani is scared and starts begging her brother to not to hit or hurt her anymore cause she is already in lot of pain. Manjeet seems to be pleased with Suhani’s fearful face and tells her that “This FEAR… should always be there”.
Thakur tells Manjeet to get the car out of the parking and he will lock the door and come, to which Manjeet agrees and leaves. Thakur is unable to see his daughter suffering so much, as soon as his son and wife leave the house. Thakur goes inside Suhani’s room, gives her money and tells her to run away. Thakur just bangs the door and doesn’t lock it and leaves. Suhani watches her brother and parents leave through window. Suhani covers her face, gets ready and leaves her house. We see Suhani walking towards Police station. At the Police station, Suhani tells the inspector not to register any missing complaint of hers, since she has left her house on own her will. Suhani comes out and takes a rickshaw and realizes that she needs to make an urgent call. She starts looking for Pay phone and the rickshaw guy stops at a nearby Pay phone. Suhani asks for a pay phone but the shopkeeper tells her that the Pay phone has been shut since a year. Suhani realizes that she was captive in her own house for more than a year (which she never realized) , and as soon as scared Suhani turns around she finds her brother Manjeet standing in front of her.
What happens next is major crux of the story. Will Suhani be able to run away from her abusive brother? Or will She, again be held captive at home? Will the story have a happy ending?

  • Jiten Sharma
  • Hayati Bawaskar Sharma
  • pallavi tolye patil
  • Shalmalee Tolye ,Vitthal Patil ,Tapan Bhatt ,Sushma Bhagwat Sharat ,Sonu Singh, Guddu Krishna
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 15 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 15, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    3,050 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Jiten Sharma

Hi, This is Jiten Sharma and am into Direction. I have been working in media since last 12 years & have worked across all the mediums of Television, Ad films, Web Series, Short films and extensively on Feature Films.

I have been an Associate Director with Ram Gopal Varma for over 8 years on various feature film projects like Phoonk, Rakta Charitra 1 &2, Not a love Story, Department And recently, I was an associate director for Sarkar 3.

I have also had opportunity to work with other Directors like Puri Jagannadh (Telugu Film Director), Raj & Dk, Vipul Amrutlal Shah & Suparn Varma on various projects.

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Director Statement

Domestic violence as on percentage level has only gone up from time to time because it includes any form of violence suffered by a person from a biological relative, but typically is the violence suffered by a woman by male members of her family or relatives.
Domestic abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual violence of any form and it’s a worldwide problem. There are many forms of domestic violence and currently coming back to subject our story deals with PHYSICAL VOILENCE. Physical injury is the most visible form of domestic violence. The scope of physical domestic/intimate partner violence includes beating, slapping, pushing, kicking, hitting, etc.
When we are talking about this domestic violence, it’s only on the basis of cases registered by police and many times it’s not even registered due to various reasons. The idea was not to make a horror but the thought has to be scary. That scare has nothing to do with devils, ghosts or evil spirits but what it generates from our society where we live.
So coming back to point since we have a clear picture that the subject of this short film is on domestic violence and the idea got stuck in my head when I personally witnessed it near slums connected to road. I was travelling and I saw few people fighting each other, since the signal was long enough I overheard a taxi driver saying to his passenger that it’s regarding girl liking boy and family is not happy so they were hitting the girl so that she doesn’t do it again. Then I always thought it was because of education system which has not gone well with these people but later on I remember an instance where it had happened in Upper Middle class and well educated family. So it took me by surprise that it has nothing to do with literacy, class or community but it’s our own society makes us do.
So I heard many stories and wrote few but when it came to story of “SHE” it excited me the most because of the reason mentioned above. So after series of discussions and brain storming the origin of “SHE” started getting into shape. But one thing was pretty clear in the mind that the film should have that thrill element which will grip the story till the end just like a suspense film.
A woman can be a mother, a sister or wife so giving her respect, love and care is our responsibility and that’s all “SHE” needs. Most importantly that’s how we got our title without even thinking much.