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Show Me The Way to San Marino


Tense and high-powered thriller, set in the secret world of offshore tax havens in London, Malta, Hong Kong and San Marino. Caught between the interests of Eastern Europe's new oligarchs and the powers of global business, a financial analyst is forced into silence, when he tries to blow the whistle on the corrupt, money laundering deals of his clients. Driven to the point of breakdown by the campaign against him, he is given a chance to prove his innocence and clear his conscience following the Panama Papers scandal.

A successful and ambitious analysts joins a wealth advisory firm in London to manage the tax and offshore structures of a British tycoon based in Hong Kong. Working in this "Alice in Wonderland" environment of the hyper-rich, where the normal rules of life do not apply, he learns how to keep millions of pounds in taxes hidden from governments in offshore tax havens around the world.

He becomes involved in a business project in San Marino, in association with a powerful network of politicians and financiers from Russia and the newly-independent Eastern European states. He soon discovers that the deal is corrupt; and that his client wishes to create a bank which will be used to launder dirty money from all across the post-Soviet space.

The analyst's attempts to alert the legal authorities are thwarted by the actions of his own firm, and by violent threats from his client's Eastern European partners. Rather than risk a scandal, the firm decides to drive the analyst out of his job, destroying both his professional and private life in the process.

Several years later, when the Panama Papers are released, the analyst himself becomes the scapegoat of an investigation into his client's business practices. With the financial establishment colluding with the government to save the reputation of the London markets at all costs, he must turn to unorthodox means to clear his name and ensure that the real criminals face justice.

The film is based on real events, closely mirroring the experiences of the writer. Any similarity to real names is coincidental, but this does not change the accuracy of the facts.

  • Tom Caine
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    Thriller, drama
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Tom Caine

Literature graduate of Oxford University.
Former financial professional in offshore industry.

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Writer Statement

For several years I worked in the offshore industry, managing millions of client funds through offshore bank accounts and tax havens. I worked on projects with senior officials and businessmen from the UK, the Far East, Eastern Europe and South America.

Following the release of the Panama Papers last year I have drafted a film script very closely based on these experiences. These themes include money laundering, bribery, and the silencing of whistle blowers - which I believe would attract a great deal of public interest.