The Return of Papa Bois

Logline: When a man is found clinging to life, a detective listens to an elaborate tale of a vengeful return of Papa Bois, the Urban Legend of Trinidad, attacking the passengers and crew. Is there any truth to his story, or is it a lie to cover up his own heinous crime?

Summary: A man is questioned by a detective to determine how he came to be found mortally wounded, naked and clinging to life, before being saved in the emergency room by surgeons in a Trinidadian Hospital. Over the course of questioning, the patient spins a wild tale that must be stitched together and confirmed to see if he is telling the truth or covering up a more heinous crime. At the onset of the story there were seven men, now he appears to be the lone survivor with a story detailing the return of an urban legend known as Papa Bois being responsible for the deaths of the passengers and crew.

  • James Barber
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Writer Biography - James Barber

Born in Augusta GA, James Barber has spent the majority of his life developing entertaining stories that have been shared with family and friends for personal entertainment. James used his talent for inspiring, persuasion, writing, and storytelling to start and grow a successful IT company. He has now decided to pursue his dream of creating screenplays to entertain children with animated stories that deliver subtle messages to his audience.
He has managed Top Secret projects as a part of his IT career, as well as served as a research scientist at NASA studying the atmosphere. These careers have inspired him to create dramatic science fiction stories full of advanced technology, conspiracies and unexpected twists.

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Writer Statement

My goal is to inspire children, captivate adults and make audiences wonder about the plausibility of possibility.