One Last Dance

A musical about friendship. When two best friend fell in love with the same girl a party, we see through dance and music the deterioration of their relationship...

  • Valentin Moulias
    Never Far From Dixie
  • Jose Vasquez Rodriguez
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    Student, Screenplay
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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Writer Biography - Valentin Moulias, Jose Vasquez Rodriguez

Valentin Moulias is a Director, Actor, Producer and Writer born in Paris, France. As a child and a teen, he found himself a passion for storytelling and moving pictures and starts very soon to play with his parent's camera, a few friends and his older brother Adrien. He moves in Barcelona in 2009, as a 14 years old boy where he discovers a lot of new toys for him to tell stories: he gets in an amateur theatre company called "L'Atelier Théatre" and starts animating a few radio-shows on his College's Radio. He also starts to get more serious about his audiovisual productions, investing more time and money in material and better plots. After graduated College, he enter the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cine I Audiovisual de Catalunya), a Filmmaking High School in Barcelona where he starts practicing a lot: with a participation in over 80 short-films. He gets a few nominations for his student films ("The Blue Moon of the Orange Love", "In the Name of Allah") and he's actually working on a short film musical called "Once Last Dance" once he's finishing his last piece: a western called "Never Far from Dixie"...

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