Private Project

Let’s Go! 48 Hours

With children as the focus and no host, each episode provides children with rich materials and opportunities, encouraging self-exploration, self-expression, and peer interaction.

The mountain is a school. In this episode, steep mountain walls and treacherous valleys form the children’s classroom. Apart climbing the mountain, they also had to pick up trash along the way. In the beginning. They all through it was going to be very easy, because the altitude of Meinong’s Qiwei Mountain is only 318 meters above sea level. But as they had to climb along the ridgeline, the process was extremely taxing! Gradually, the children became more humble and started to recognize their own limitations. After reaching the peak, they each had 30 minutes of alone time in which they were not allowed to speak and could only record their feelings through writings and drawings, enabling them to learn how to get along with themselves and experience a simple yet abundant lifestyle.

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    21 minutes 1 second
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Director Biography

Director: Li Kuo-hao
Producer: Li Hsien-hua

Producer Bio:
Producer Li Hsien-hua majored in “child education” at university and earned a master’s degree in “communications”. She has been involved in TV production for 25 years, starting as a children’s program host and then as a planner and writer for children’s programs. Later, she founded her own company, specializing in educational broadcasting and the production of quality programming. Apart from producing various kinds of educational programs, she also works as a counselor for children and youths and reads stories to children from disadvantaged families.

Director Bio:
Master’s degree, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University
Swing for Fun Studio, Director
Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival Silver Drum Award, Director
Director of Golden Bell Award winners “Science”, “Little Science Hunters”, “Follow Me Go!”, “Listening Eye”, “PTS Performing Arts”, “Arts Avenue”
Ministry of Culture subsidized HD Documentary “Ma Shang Ren”, Director

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Director Statement

The environment in which the children of today are growing up in is vastly different to that of the era in which I grew up. For me, playing and having fun with friends in the woods and fields is very important part.
In designing the program, we did our best to take children out of their original living environment so they can be closer to nature and spend time with others as well as themselves.
Throughout the process, we discovered that each child has a different personality. These are all very important individual characteristics, which is why we did our utmost to not restrict them from showing who they are during filming. This set up is also what makes this program unique.
Our hope is that these children don’t see competition as just competition, and audiences don’t see this program as just a program.