To my dearest
There's no day that I don't miss the times,
When we talked about things no one could hear.
Is it hard to leave a place that you know too well?
But I'm sure it's better were you are.
Sincerely, sincerely, sincerely.
To my dearest,
What is it like when the stars are far below?
Does it hurt to see the world in a different view?
When you left, I etched your name in a tree.
I cried alone in my room, thinking about you.
Sincerely, sincerely, sincerely.
To my dearest,
There's no pages in the book I write your letters.
I would buy some more, but I have no money to spare.
If I ever needed you, or you needed me.
I will always be here.

  • Skye Nagtegaal
  • Skye Nagtegaal
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    3 minutes 27 seconds
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    September 21, 2017
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  • Skye Nagtegaal