Fast Life

Hop on in the car
There's a brewski in the bed
We're going to the desert and we'll probably come back dead
But still, we've gotta sleep
And still, we've gotta laugh
You've gotta make the most of life when it's been cut in half
So tell your daddy sorry
And tell your momma bye
The world is turning faster now; we're almost out of time

And she's gonna live a fast life, living with me
She's gonna live a fast life, living with me
She'll take her soul to the edge
And then you'll see
That your baby lived a fast life
Living with me

Put on your sunglasses
Until the sun passes
We'll go from night to noon
And I'll show you how I do
So good you can't speak
So chill you got weak
You know you'll love it girl, when we get up in the room
Addicted to this life
Too good to be right
We're a little unhealthy
But at least we don't fight

With quality chill and
A minimal bill
And it's so worth the money on a cold night this real
Baby after the trip
Getting pretty pink slips
But we only had jobs to keep getting our fix
No, we don't need that shit
All we need is this rit
To keep us going baby
Rolling good like we're rich
No we ain't got a job
No we ain't got no cash
Just some green gold, baby
Like a fresh hot stash
Yeah, they call it "Fast Life"
Yeah, they call it "Short Lived"
If I was gonna give a shit,
I'd have a shit to give

  • SG Slater
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  • Length:
    3 minutes 41 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 15, 2015
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    United States
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