MASTIKHOR (Children Film)

'' Mastikhor ''(Mischievous) Is specified Children Film declared by CBFC,India.This film story based on child psychology. All over 60-70% children are fussy and mischievous. the question is, should such a mischievous children be ignored? Is there any remedy for such children? It's a global question, this movie changes the mentality of the children, and everyone gets a new idea from the movie. If a child psychology is understood.
In this film there are 5 naughty students in school. If they are coming late in school,then they will change the time of school watch. Plays the frog in the class, but do not catch.If they goes to a child's birthday party in the society, then it spoil the birthday party. Removes a glass of someone's scooter. Deletes air from the bicycle.Reggaing the other children. Parents, society residents, school teacher, students, principal, are all bored of the children's storms and fun. These children always have a new storm. Due to the mischief of these children, some of children have become their enemies. But among all the bad habit, some good things are hidden in these children. Ramakant, a teacher known as Guruji at school, has all the good things of these children. This Guruji always favors these mischievous boys. Once a teacher named Bhavsar and other teacher has a very bitter experience in the class. The teacher complains to the principal. But Ramakant (Guruji) is in favor of these children by requesting the Principal. But staff meeting goes against Ramakanta. Ramakant is thinking of bringing out the hidden talents in these children harassing everyone. But the occasion is that there is a blows between naughty children and enemy children. And finally, Principal decides to get mischievous children out of school.
Guruji is very troubled by this incident. They see a questionnaire with the children's future. After all, he resolved to improve these fussy children. There is a conditional settlement with Guruji and Principal. Empowerment calls every child at home and encourages the activities of these children.This gives children a focus. Gradually there is a change in children. Eventually, these children's musings are closed altogether. Enemy kids become friends .When a child has a serious accident, Ramakant Guruji proves the true relationship of the Guru-disciple by giving blood. These children work honestly for 50,000 rupees worth of returning to the police. Attempts to raise awareness about hygiene and environment. And one of them also works bravely. Ramakant Guruji finally succeeds in his efforts. Fussy children grow in different fields. These children are honored by the school. If a child psychology is understood, the fussy children can also achieve success.

  • Bharat Vyas
  • Bharat Vyas
  • Bharat Vyas
  • Dr. Mahendra Soni
  • Kantilal Shah
  • Dishant Parmar,Vihag Soni,Dev Aacharya,Harvi Soni,Ajnali Astha
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    2 hours 13 minutes 5 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 23, 2016
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Director Biography - Bharat Vyas

Bharat Vyas, the director of 'Mastikhor', was born on 16/9/1964.Born in Kadidara, a small village in Idar taluka of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, Bharat Vyas has been focusing on drama and films since childhood. School and College Life have the opportunity to work in the Drama. In 1986, Best Actor Award was given for acting in the drama 'Mahakal'. Then after he decided to make a career as an artist. To get experience, go to Mumbai. Worked in television and drama in Mumbai. After taking experience in Mumbai, he started a drama institution at Himmatnagar. Since children are very loveble, they started doing creative work for children, he started also dramas . On the other hand, connected with Gujarati films, albums, television. As an actor, writer, producer, he performed 50 dramas.gave a lot of messages to the society by Drama. He got 29 awards. for his special contribution to the field of drama, he was honored by the Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy with Gaurav Puraskar in 2012.Inspired mind, definite determination and Contemplative Bharat Vyas,develop camera and directing skills during acting in film. Being an actor, writer, director, producer, he decided to film production and direction. Bharat Vyas loved children, so he directed and produced the children's film 'Mastikhor.' and independently debuted in the film.

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Director Statement

" Mastikhor''(mischievous) is a certified official child film by the censor board of India. Explaining Child Psychology, the Skilled Badge education sector has a mild style of child-building and message-making.It is said that the child is the future of the country. It is very necessary to give a correct direction to the child. " Mastikhor " is a child film that explains "child psychology." 60-70% of children are fussy and mischievous. the question is, should such a mischievous children be ignored? Is there any remedy for such children? It's a global question, this movie changes the mentality of the children, and everyone gets a new idea from the movie. This children film is more important for society.