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A Grand Life

A trio of young adult siblings visits their grandmother over Thanksgiving weekend and get involved in social media blackmail, coming out of the closet, and vehicular manslaughter.

Rose Houston, age 80, grandmother of three, who is compassionate, loving, intuitive and smart realizes that her three grandchildren who are emotionally troubled after their parents death and who has unwillingly visited Rose has no meaningful bond with each other and with her. The eldest of the sibling is Seth, age 24, who used to do office job is extremely depressed after getting fired. Then there is Daniel who is 20, jealous of Seth, is gay but doesn't want to admit it to himself and his family. The youngest of them is Amber, age 17, aspiring to be fashion designer, is immature, self obsessed and is popular among boys in school.

But things take an unexpected turn when Amber goes out to explore the town and have sex with Henry, who is a flirt and is mysterious. He blackmails her with her naked pictures he took without her knowledge and forces her to visit him everyday. On the other hand Daniel who goes on a stroll in the woods meets Harold who is a strict catholic and the grandson of Rose's best friend, Judy. They have sex and gets caught by Judy. Daniel becomes emotionally troubled with being homosexual and doesn't want to admit it to anyone. On the other hand Seth who gets tired of Rose and her friends praising him about having a clear goal in life, gets angry, blurts out that he has been fired and takes off with his car. Unfortunately he has an accident and hits Judy's granddaughter, Fiona. Seth flees from the scene thinking that she died but is actually unconscious and has lost her ability to walk.

With their decision to conceal their secrets from their grandmother and each other, they become extremely frustrated. On top of their existing problems Rose tries her best to bond with them and does something fun around the house. Soon Rose finds out about Seth hitting Fiona and begs Judy to put down the charges and suggests that Seth, who has an art major should help Fiona with her art gallery. Seth starts hating his grandmother for revealing his secret and is forced to work in the art gallery. Rose also finds out that Daniel is homosexual and tries her best to help him accept his homosexuality but Daniel fails to accept it. With Amber being the only one to hide her secret, Rose tries her very best to keep the situation in her house lively and happy. But soon she suspects Amber, seeing her bad mood and her constant sound of messages coming from Henry. With the help of Daniel she follows Amber and catches them red handed. However Henry posts her nude pictures before being handled to the police and just like her brothers she starts hating her.

With Seth starting to like the art gallery and finding his passion for art, things start to become better. He finally falls for Fiona and gradually his anger towards Rose abates as he realizes that whatever she has done was for his own good. On the other hand Amber who lands her first fashion design project from Rose's neighbour, Carolyn with the help of her grandmother realizes her mistake of hitting off with an older man. Amber starts loving her grandmother even more when her grandmother stands up to three women at a wedding who starts bullying Amber for her nude pictures. As for Daniel he finally takes his grandmother's advice and accepts his homosexuality publicly when Carolyn's daughter starts hitting on him at a wedding. Everything becomes perfect in their life with the help of their beloved grandmother who dies and leaves them all in the end.

A Grand Life, a drama genre screenplay is about sweet and salty relationship between a grandmother and her grandchildren and is about having a wonderful time when life doesn't go the way we want.

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