Best Newcomer Singer

Bade, a young woman who work as a singer in a bar one day gets visited by an old stranger man. He explains he can give all the fame and success she desires but with only one condition: She has to sing to his father. When she accept this, she cannot resist to a painful metamorphosis.

  • Atakan Göktepe
  • Atakan Göktepe
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    En İyi Çıkış Yapan Şarkıcı
  • Project Type:
    Student, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Horror, Thriller, Suspense
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  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Atakan Göktepe

Atakan Göktepe born in 24th January 1996 in Balıkesir. He completed his primary, secondary and highschool education in Balıkesir. He got into Yıldız Technical University, Marine Engineering. He got one year of education in this department and then changed his school. He is still a student in Marmara University, Faculty of Communication. He is 4th grade student in the Depertmant of “Radio, Television and Cinema”.

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Writer Statement

Hello everyone,
My name is Atakan Göktepe. I'm a film student and filmmaker from Turkey. I've made my directorial debut with a documentary short called "Abandoned Seats" which premiered in Turkey and abroad. Now I've been working on my new short feature project. It's called "Best Female Newcomer Singer of the Year". It is a story about a young and ambitious young woman who study architecture but her dream is becoming a worldwide acclaimed singer. She also sings in a little bar to earn some money and satisfy her greatest ambition. One day an old man comes to the bar she sings and offers her something bizarre. He says he can make her acclaimed and famous but with one condition: She has to come go to his house and sing for his old father. Then she makes the decision of her life and go to his house but she is unaware that she makes the most dangerous and important decision of her life. I'm wishing to make a film about a young ambitious woman who doesn't afraid to take a risk to reach her dreams. I want to make an atmospheric film. I'm designing it as a horror-thriller but it is also about the both a young woman shapes up her life and her sexual awakening. I want to create both dark and colorful atmosphere for this film. My favourite directors are Alfred Hitchcock and Dario Argento (ofcourse there are more) and probably this film will have influences of these directors. But my intention is not imitating their styles, just got influenced by them and I will try to create my own cinematic language and narative. I want this film to have influence on the audience and make them feel like they were in a exciting nightmare for 10-15 minutes. But ofcourse I want them to feel the relief when you wake up from a nightmare and be grateful it wasn't reality and it was just a nightmare. I hope you enjoy my little story. As a young, ambitious filmmaker I'd be grateful for all kinds of supports for the film. Thank you for your consideration.