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In The Dark Night, I Can't See Fireflies

I became to notice that my nation is contracted with the disease, once I have witnessed the time that people cherish what they all believe in the same prospective, like patriotism and religion.

A bus is a transportation that I used a lot when I was eleventh to twelfth grade, because I have not learnt to drive yet. I ride on a bus every friday to Korat, to study extracuriculum. It was a hard time for student who live in a rurul part of Thailand where no tutorial school was available. I also think that cars are unhealthy transportation for the earth. But there are a lot of problem when you are on a bus, like being ripped your skin off, you have to stand when the seats are full, but you have to pay the same price as people who got seat, broken air conditioners, stink seats, unsafe driver.

There were a lot of free time when you are on a bus, I cannot read, or do much activities, because I always got dizziness. So the only thing I can do was just sitting and thinking. At that time, all the memories, anxiety, nightmare are mixed up in my head.

What you have seen are simply the pictures in my head, the night when was a problem with electricity in my campus. In that night, I also had a chance to see a group of fireflies in the small jungle-like garden in my dorm. But, of course, now I cannot be able to see them.

And other memories about travel in Nongkhai province, Aquarium, Local Shrine in campus where students usually go there to pray before the examination, are shuffled, my anxiety about the country's situation as well.

But actually they shared the common thing, the way I have to ride on a bus with many problems, living in a dorm with the light can be out any time without any announcement before, the beautiful garden has to be transformed into a parking lot.

  • Kridpuj Dhansandors
  • Kridpuj Dhansandors
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    6 minutes 53 seconds
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    September 9, 2017
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Director Biography - Kridpuj Dhansandors

hello my name is kridpuj dhansandors i'm from khon kaen, thailand. I'm a medical student in khon kaen university, and I love watching films. My most favorite director would be Apichatpong Weerasethakul. His works are concentrated on uneasy life of people in northeast part of thailand which is my motherland. I have started watching films since 2013 when I had a free time in a summer. I discovered a new world that I haven’t been before. I regularly write to those films I watched in my personal facebook and film community website. Recently, I tried to express my feeling about the current political situation in Thailand, not just only through my writings but moving pictures

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