Private Project


After nine cross country ski hikers fail to return home from their week long expedition in the snowy mountains, a search team discovers five of them frozen dead in various places over a mile away from their camp site.

With four still missing, detective LEVI IVONE is tasked with not only solving the case, but safely bringing home the remaining four hikers.

Upon further investigation, Ivone discovers mysterious circumstances, the hiker’s tent was ripped open from the inside out and they seemed to have been running from something.

In addition, the autopsy report shows abnormal signs of disturbing violence and some injuries that are too forceful to be caused by human and even nature.

As a search for the remaining four hikers continues, Ivone receives several reports from the small town locals about a mysterious light in the sky during the hikers trip.

VERA, the mother to one of the girls still missing, puts faith in Ivone to bring a happy ending to this tragic event.

But before too long the remainder of the hikers are found dead, devastating Vera as her daughter was discovered with her eyes and tongue missing. This leaves Ivone and the small tight-knit town with a sense of horrific loss.

Ivone is left without any leads on the tragic event, but when he develops photos from a camera found on one of the hikers, he discovers an abstract light as the last photo taken, which mirrors what the locals saw.

This unexplained event turns to an intriguing riddle, and the town receives explosive publicity which brings the attention of international reporter Holly Miller, who then reveals a more interesting story, in that Ivone is investigating the same mountain his son, ANDREW went missing from just a few years ago.

As Ivone and Vera bond, he confesses his haunting guilt regarding his son and his inability to return home to face his wife, BRYCE.

Still determined to solve the case and bring closure to Vera and the mourning families, Ivone further investigates this mysterious light. He finds even more evidence that the local witnesses are telling the truth. Perhaps there was something in the sky that night. Then suddenly the NSA takes the case away from Ivone and classifies it as top secret.

As Vera leaves town to return home, she helps Ivone find the enlightenment in accepting defeat and realizing that we can not control when death happens, but we can choose when to start living again. Ivone relives his last moments with Andrew, says goodbye and accepts the loss.

Before he moves on, Ivone joins forces with Holly Miller. In a public interview he reveals his conclusion to the case and his journey, where he found there is no closure to death and it’s insurmountable nature.

This allows him to focus on his life ahead and enables him to finally leave the haunting town and return home to his wife, Bryce.

  • Jonathan Steven Green
  • Jahanara Saleh
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama, Thriller, supernatural
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Burbank Film Festival
    burbank, CA
    Best Drama Short
  • Winter FIlm Awards
    New York City
    Best Director (Imagine)
Writer - Jonathan Steven Green, Jahanara Saleh