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ZOE SALINGER (28) is a driven advertising professional at the top of her game. SHARON PILKINGTON is a feisty 21-year-old prostitute responsible for her mother and eight-year-old brother. Both of their lives are inextricably bound one night when their paths accidentally cross.

Walking home after celebrating the winning of a new major contract, Zoe encounters PIMLO, a local crime boss, dragging Sharon into a car. When she attempts to intervene, she is savagely beaten, and Sharon is abducted. Left traumatised by the attack, Zoe struggles to rebuild her life, haunted also by visions of Sharon, whose remarkable likeness to Zoe’s dead younger sister has opened up old wounds. Since the abduction, Sharon has effectively become a slave, just one of many women imprisoned by Pimlo and forced to work as high-end escorts.

But potential salvation comes for Zoe in the form of two new people in her life. First there is JAKE MACINTYRE, a martial arts instructor and a fellow resident in Zoe’s building who offers to teach her. Next is USWA HUSSNAIN, the leader of a female political group called the GULABI GANG, known for their pink uniform and aggressive demos. When Zoe encounters Uswa at a demonstration, she receives a card for the women’s shelter Uswa manages.

As Zoe grows more dissatisfied with her job and old life, she takes Jake up on his offer of training, and walks out on her promising career… Nine months later, and Zoe is a well-trained martial artist and a full time employee at the Forster House Women’s Shelter alongside Uswa, as well as an active member of the Gulabi Gang. Sharon, however, is a faded version of her former self, addicted to heroin and broken down by the relentless misery of her life. But when two women in her dorm die as a result of Pimlo’s brutality, Sharon is pushed beyond her breaking point, and in a moment of desperation is able to escape.

When two drunken men provoke Zoe into utilizing her new combat skills to devastating effect, her latent desire for revenge is stirred. Fuelled also by her continued failure to track Sharon, Zoe takes to the streets at night, masking herself and dishing out punishment on men caught abusing women, earning herself the media nickname of ‘The Pink Vigilante’ as a result of the pink armband she wears. Things are further complicated when the boundaries of her relationship with Jake, who has recently been widowed, become blurred.

On the run from Pimlo and his crew, Sharon turns in desperation to the women’s shelter, then changes her mind before entering, but not before a desperate Zoe is able to hand her a card with her name and address, imploring her to use it if she needs to.

When Zoe encounters a man punching his girlfriend, she beats him half to death, reaching a level of bloodlust that shocks even herself, but on her return home she finds Sharon at her door. Zoe takes Sharon into her home, nursing her through a violent bout of withdrawal from heroin addiction. Once she recovers, a suspicious yet grateful Sharon declares her case hopeless, and shuns further help, revealing in the process that she remembers Zoe from the night of the attack.

The next day Zoe must attend an important Gulabi Gang rally, but leaves Sharon a spare key and a note of invitation to stay indefinitely. On her way to the rally, Uswa spots a front page newspaper report on the ‘Pink Vigilante’ and recognises the description and e-fit as Zoe. While Zoe is away, Sharon manages to secretly visit her little brother, but is spotted by accomplices of Pimlo, who follow her back to Zoe’s apartment.

Uswa confronts Zoe at the rally about her vigilante exploits, but Zoe leaves in anger. When she returns to her apartment, she finds a badly beaten Sharon on the living room floor. With her last breath, Sharon whispers the address of Pimlo’s HQ in Zoe’s ear.

In a fit of rage and despair, Zoe heads for Pimlo’s base, an unassuming suburban house. Along the way, she sends a group message to all Gulabi Gang members with the house’s address and instructions, resulting in a growing crowd of angry supporters turning up outside. With their cover blown, Pimlo and crew prepare to flee the house, but not before Zoe pays them a visit, killing Pimlo’s henchmen and freeing the imprisoned women. After Pimlo escapes with money from his safe, Zoe chases and kills him in a grueling head-to-head fight, but receives a stab wound in the process. Collapsing in a street with the police closing in, Zoe is found and whisked away by Jake, who Uswa alerted earlier.

When Zoe wakes days later in a strange house, she learns Jake has set her up in a safe house. With the Gulabi Gang calling for her clemency as the identity of the Pink Vigilante is revealed to the nation, Zoe escapes the country on a boat, but not before leaving Pimlo’s money to Sharon’s family. A year later, we find Jake in India, arriving at a women’s shelter named after Sharon and Zoe’s sister, where the inhabitants are dressed in pink, and where himself and Zoe are finally reunited.

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